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1st Woman Dental Conference Concludes at Faisalabad




Faisalabad: Women must join the workforce and utilize their education in building the Nation, this was stated by HEC chairman, Prof Mukhtar who was the chief guest at the concluding ceremony of the 1st International Women Dental Conference in Faisalabad.

Prof Mukhtar appreciated th efforts of the organizers and said that it is a good beginning that women are made aware of their true potential as they are in no way a lesser equal. He also mentioned about the women scientists conference in Malaysia where he was one of the organizers.

Commenting on the ever growing females in the medical and dental schools he urged the women to take initiative and make use of the skills they learn over a period of four years and should practice as dentistry is less demanding when compared to medicine.

The theme of this conference was; “Women in Dentistry – The Trend Setters”. The event organized by Dental News in collaboration with the University of Faisalabad, to share the wisdom, while learning from some of the most highly qualified and experienced lady dental surgeons across Pakistan. The event was fully supported by the Pakistan Dental Association (PDA), along with Dental Tribune International and sponsored by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

The conference aimed to highlight the progress and ensure the recognition of the professional services delivered by the rapidly expanding female dental community across Pakistan.

The learned speakers provided the opportunity for the lady dentists to enrich their knowledge on the latest scientific and technological developments. Workshops were held before the conference and were conducted by Dr Ninette Banday and Prof Tasleem Hosein.

The participation exceeded the expectations with Baqai Dental College leading the way in terms of number of participants from a single college. Their team also won the top prize in poster competition.

The event was sponsored by Pharmatec, Colgate, Shield, Kansai and Pfizer.

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April 14, 2015

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