8 Things That Cannot Remain Hidden from Your Dentist


Most amongst us pay a visit to the dentist only when we feel like our teeth could use some cleaning or when the pain has become unbearable. Little does one know that dentists cannot only diagnose diseases that might be affecting them but also any specific dietary or parafunctional habits that generally go unnoticed otherwise.

17690137_1360785173982837_1364401676_n1. Irregular Flossing or Brushing : Most people lie about following a regular brushing and flossing regimen but you cannot fool your dentist. As a common dental saying aptly quotes, “The toothbrush doesn’t remove six months of tartar 30 minutes before the appointment.


2.  A History of Thumbsucking : Children who managed to suck their thumbs past the age of approximately 6 or 7, exhibited serious aftermath like crooked or protruding teeth and speech problems, that required orthodontic attention for their correction.

17670949_1360785160649505_129761065_n3.  Parafunctional or Bad Habits : There are certain signs that immediately signal towards any parafunctional habits such as evident chipping, general tooth wear, cracks, etc. Many patients who are clenchers or night grinders often present with pain in the jaw and smokers often present with particularly prominent stains on the back of their teeth.

4. Pregnancy : Gestational gingivitis is a relatively common find amongst pregnant women owing to the elevated levels of progesterone in their system.

17690188_1360785163982838_1719046003_n5. An Eating Disorder or Acid Reflux : Both these conditions exhibit a very peculiar and unique pattern of tooth wear and it is called erosion. Erosion is evident is patients with eating disorders or acid reflux and is most commonly found along the palatal side of the front teeth.


6. Possible Reason Behind Your Bad Breath : Bad breath is not simply the result of not brushing your teeth this morning. Halitosis has been categorized under various conditions, for example, a fruity breath could indicate uncontrolled diabetes, fishy breath could point fingers towards a possibility of liver disease or kidney failure, and a very foul scent could mean the patient experiences acid reflux.


17741099_1360785177316170_24369238_n7. A Possible Vitamin Deficiency : Vitamin deficiency often reveals itself masked under certain oral conditions such as bleeding gums, delayed healing, burning mouth, sloughing, or mouth sores.

8. Dietary Habits : The general condition of your teeth can single out a peculiar dietary lifestyle. Patients who are regular consumers of sugary or fizzy drinks, sweets, pan, or gutka, have teeth that are generally more prone to damage such as chipping, cracking, or decay.

April 3, 2017

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