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Baqai concludes Silver Jubilee with Dental Congress-2014


KARACHI– Baqai Medical University (BMU) celebrated its Silver Jubilee through the year 2014. The grand celebrations comprised of numerous events, making it the most happening year in the history of BMU. The Silver Jubilee of Baqai Dental College marked its closing in an exuberating way with the “Dental Congress 2014” held on 17th and 18th of January, 2015 at the Saeeda Auditorium & Moin Baqai Hall.

On the Day-1 of the congress, the event started with a warm welcome given by the Secretary General of the Congress – Dr Talha M. Siddiqui, to the chief guest, the chairmen, all the guest speakers and the delegates.

The learned and respected research-scholar – Prof Dr Ayaz Ali Khan was the first lecturer to address the audience, and he captivated the undivided attention of the audience.

Next, the Worthy Chairman of the Congress and the Principal of Baqai Dental College (BDC) – Dr Kashif Ikram extended his gratitude to all present, for being a part of the congress. He also introduced an exclusive society – “The Proctor’s Committee” and mentioned it to be his pride, which is a pioneering initiative of the Baqai Dental College. It is a group of well trained students who organize, watch over and maintain a check on all aspects of various events and all other matters – both curricular and extra curricular, are a guide for all other students and represent Baqai Medical University on all fronts.

He then called upon the honorable and highly esteemed chief guest – Deputy Governor State Bank of Pakistan – Mr. Kazi Abdul Muqtadir, who reminisced his career, journey of life and his choices in life, while giving a very soulful and significant speech about the profession and its effects on life. He expressed pride and honor on being invited to such an auspicious event and congratulated Baqai Dental College upon reaching such an imperative milestone of completing 25 successful years.

A video depicting “Road of Glory”, highlighting the role of everyone involved with Baqai Dental College, was displayed on a screen, where memories were reminisced and nostalgia seen flashing on the faces of many faculty members and alumnus sitting in the audience. It covered the journey of 25 years and its achievements, for all to see and appreciate, at the end of which the crowd roared with applause and approval.

The Vice Chancellor Baqai Medical University, Prof. Dr. Zahida Baqai, extended a vote of thanks to all and souvenirs were presented to all the Deans and Principals attending the event. Faculty members of BDC were also appreciated for their dedication towards the field of education and edification of young minds.

The 1st Session of the congress covered: Implant Prosthetics, with Prof. Dr. Saqib Rasheed as the Chairman and Dr Humayun Siddiqui as the Moderator. The Speakers in this session included: Dr Khurram Atta Ullah, Dr Faisal Qayyum, Dr Zubair Ahmed Khan and Dr Bilal Shaikh. Importance, techniques, complications of an implant placement was outlined and progress in the field of implantology was conveyed.

The 2nd Session discussed the Role Of Aesthetics. It was chaired by Prof. Dr. Mehmood Haider and Moderated by Dr. Irfan Qamaruddin. The speakers included; Dr. Murtaza Kazmi, Dr. Samra Bukhari, Dr. Abdullah Kamran, Dr. Babar Ashraf and Dr. Arshad Hassan. All the respected speakers delivered lectures based on their own clinical experiences and proved the significance of good aesthetics and its effect on all aspects of life and well being of a person.

The Session 3 covered Patient Management. It was chaired by Prof. Dr. Mohsin Girach and moderated by Dr. Farhan Khan. The learned speakers included; Dr. Mavish Devji, Dr. Najeeb Saad, Dr. Abrar Ali, Dr Saleha Shah and Dr. Sameer Qureshi.

A technically sophisticated session was held after that; where the diverse experiences of the speakers made it easier for the delegates to comprehend the key aspects of dealing with various types of patients and their demands and the effective ways to solve the problems that are faced in daily practice.

The 4th Session was on: Applied Integrated Sciences, with Prof. Dr. Kefi Iqbal as its moderator. The speakers included: Dr. M. Amber Fareed, Dr. Jamal Syed and Dr Kefi Iqbal

A highly informative and interesting session regarding various areas of dentistry and new inventions and rapidly progressing methods and tools for detection and treatment of diseases was explained and how a doctor can benefit his/her patient through the vast knowledge of the speakers, on the area they deal with.

The second say started with the same zeal and enthusiasm and where the bright minds anticipated new learnings during the day. The halls were jam-packed! When the Chancellor of Baqai Medical University – Prof. Dr. Fareed Ud Din Baqai expressed his utmost contentment and joy, to see the Dental College at new hights of success. He thanked everyone for taking the time out and joining the college faculty in the celebrations.

The Session 1 covered:  Multi Disciplinary Approach. It was chaired by Prof. Dr. Omar T. Hussain and moderated by Dr. Syed Fareed Mohsin. The Speakers were: Dr. Omar T. Hussain, Dr. S. Zaki Hussain, Dr Harris Shehzad, Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed

A group of well-known well experienced and highly skilled professionals conducted this session opening to us a new world of treatment options and providing various perceptions on dental diseases and how many other fields can impact the outcome of treatment and prognosis for dental related interventions. This educational term left all with a new acuity about dentistry and how inter related it is with many other disciplines.

The Session 2 was on “Free Paper Session”: chaired by Dr. Hasaan Mehdi

and Moderated by Prof. Dr. Kefi Iqbal. A number of selected speakers took part in this competition and presented their respective researches and explained their methods and results and the significance of these outcomes. A very inspiring session for brain storming was held, where the audience gained something new from all the papers being presented. The winner amongst all the people participating for this session was, Dr Sadaf Shamshad, FCPS trainee, Department of Oral Surgery LUMHS, Hyderabad. Shields were presented to all the Chairmen and Moderators of their respected sessions along with to all the intellectual speakers at the end of every session.


With so many high ranked and highly qualified and accomplished individuals, this session was indeed a MUST and a very successful one. Fresh graduates house officers and students heading towards their graduation are always lost to what field what means and what steps they must take to reach the professional heights they aspire for. They all have dreams but no clue regarding the ways to achieve them.

With professionals like Prof. Dr. Omar Talal Hussain, Prof. Dr. Ayyaz Ali Khan, Prof. Dr. Kashif Ikram, Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed, and their vast experiences, tales of struggle, true advice and explanations about aiding tools to select a particular field, all was made much more clearer and easier. They explicated how; no success or position can be reached without the will to work hard unconditionally and maintaining patience in the most testing times.

The ceremony came to an end with a prize distribution ceremony to winners of the free paper session, poster competition and model competition that was conducted in Planet Baqai by Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed who presented them with shields and certificates. He also gave away souvenirs to the alumnus of Baqai Dental College in remembrance of their life long affiliation with the institution. With that an over-the-top event came to its closing with an immense volume of knowledge gained and more memories

December 20, 2014

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