Baqai’s Silver Jubilee Dental Symposium features Dr Ayyaz Ali Khan.

Baqai’s Silver Jubilee Dental Symposium features Dr Ayyaz Ali Khan.web DN

An informative session was arranged by the Baqai Dental College on account of their Silver Jubilee Celebrations. This session was conducted by Dr. Ayyaz Ali Khan – a PhD in Dental surgery. He is currently working at Sheikh Zayed Post Graduate Medical Institute and is engaged in extensive research-work, based on ‘Effects of Oral Diseases on Systemic Conditions’. He is also an expert on numerous oral diseases and how they affect the human body and systemic conditions associated with it.

This session constituted of two parts and both were conducted by Dr. Ayaz Ali Khan. The session was hosted by Dr. Fareed Mohsin (HOD Oral Medicine).

First Session

The first part of the symposium was a research-based discussion on ‘ Oral Conditions which aggregate Systemic diseases’. Dr. Ayyaz explained the function of Bacterial toxins and the inflammatory cytokines, while emphasizing on how they metastasize and travel to major organs. The importance of infection in the mouth was discussed, as it can cause damage elsewhere in the body. Dr. Ayyaz presented research articles and theories on Coronary Artery Diseases and concluded that people with Periodontal Diseases are more likely to have Coronary Diseases. 85% pregnant women with Periodontal Problems give birth to Low Weight Babies. Periodontal Disease is also a risk factor in Low Birth-weight babies and 25% weight reduction in fetal weight has been observed in women suffering from Periodontal Diseases. This disease can also trigger an increased level of biological fluids that can induce labor. Following are the major points that he discussed, regarding diseases due to oral problems.

Respiratory Diseases:

· Studies maintain that Oral Hygiene can cause decrease in the number of Bacterial Decreases and probability of Secondary Infection also decreases.

Control on Diabetes Mellitus:

· It is known to be the 5th Most Common Complication of Diabetes.

Recurrent Gastric Infection.

Failure of Orthopedic Implants:

· Staphylococcus can cause failure of Orthopedic Implants.

· It is an indicator of Osteoporosis.

Dr Ayyaz explained that during the recent years numerous steps have been and more needs to be done overcome this obstacle. Randomized Control Trials have been conducted to observe the effect of non-surgical periodontal Therapy and Dental Treatment has been initiated for various diseases like; Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes Mellitus, Recurrent Gastric Infection, End stage Renal Disease. He also shared that these researches were done by his colleagues/co-workers.


· Dental Treatment has a positive Impact on systemic diseases.

· Every individual should get the Oral Cavity treated and take a holistic approach in treating a patient.

· The researchers of this category should keep themselves and their research papers updated.

Second Session

The second part of the session was based on ‘’Understanding Dentistry and Changing Trends in Dental Education”. This part of the session included Student Counseling:

Dr. Ayyaz spoke about choosing the right career path. He also questioned students about; “Why an individual should opt for Dentistry”. The learned speaker discussed the planning of personal and professional life, financial obligations and complexity of this profession, besides highlighting the major technology trends in Dental Education. This discussion proved to be very helpful for the students. The students were also given awareness of the technical skills needed to be developed in an undergraduate students and what further improvements are needed in this regard.

Furthermore, He added that; the practice of Dentistry requires a broad range of highly specialized knowledge and skill sets, so the students need to be focused and determined. Different universities and dental programs were also discussed so that the dental students can apply for masters or PhD. The session was concluded with his following words

“Who says you can’t change the world – We expect to do nothing else”.

-Hiba Rehman

September 2, 2014

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