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Celebration of Oral Health Week, WOHD Seminar & Walk, BDC

Karachi- On the occasion of World Oral Health Day 2019, like every year Department of Community Dentistry, Baqai Dental College, Baqai Medical University celebrated “Oral Health Week” with full enthusiasm and devotion.

The oral health week was observed from 20th to 26th of March, wherein different activities were held at Baqai’s five primary health care centres, including Baqai Dental College and Saleemullah Fehmi School unit 1; Baqai Medical Complex, Khuda ki Basti; F.W.C Layari, Fehmi Health and Education Centre, Gulberg; and Baqai Medical Complex Khushal Nagar, Gharo.

The WOHD program consisted of various activities that were specially meant to spread awareness regarding the significance of maintaining good oral health. For this purpose, in the five primary health care centres, oral hygiene awareness lectures were held along with free dental check-ups. Furthermore, free sample distribution of toothpastes and toothbrushes was also carried out. Baqai also organized an ‘awareness walk’ to amplify the message of oral hygiene.

The Department of Community Dentistry, Baqai Dental College, made countless efforts to make this event a success. With their constant efforts for the awareness and eradication of oral health problems, yet another milestone was marked on the calendars. The oral health week came to conclusion on March 27th, which was celebrated with outstanding zeal to mark “World Oral Health Day”.

The theme of the event was “Say Ahh: think mouth, think health” and the motto was “Brush your teeth save your life”.  These slogans effectively portrayed the importance of oral hygiene for a healthier body.

March 27th at Baqai Medical University was of great importance as Department of Community Dentistry, BDC, provided a special forum for the dental public health consultants from different colleges to come forward and share their insights and knowledge over the topic in a seminar. The speakers were from two different universities; Dr Kulsoom Fatima Rizvi, Vice Principal, Bahria University, and Prof. Dr Lubna Baig, Pro Vice Chancellor, Jinnah Sindh Medical University graced the event.

A very special appearance was made by Dr Inayatullah Padhiar (Sitara-e-Imtiaz)

The occasion was commenced by Dr Amna Naeem who invited Shafie Mustafa, student of second year BDS for the recitation of the Holy Quran.

Prof Dr Asghar Ali Shigri, HOD Community Dentistry, gave the welcome address and talked about the importance of oral hygiene and the role of community dentistry in public health awareness. He recalled the efforts of the Community Dentistry Department in the past years and explained how there was still a long way to go. He encouraged the youth and reminded them about their duties as health practitioners.

Dr Kulsoom Fatima Rizvi talked about the “public health solutions for oral diseases” in her presentation. Prof. Dr. Lubna Baig then took the podium to speak about “social accountability of medical/dental institutions”

Dr Talha M. Siddiqui, Vice Principal Baqai Dental College, was called to the rostrum who took the opportunity and awarded a memento to Dr Inayatullah Padhiyar (S.I) for his services to the dental community.

Prof. Dr Zahida Baqai, Chancellor, Baqai Medical University distributed shields to the guest speakers and the community dentistry team and spoke of how the youth should play an active role in serving their community.

Prof Dr Kashif Ikram, Principal BDC, concluded the seminar with a vote of thanks and spoke about the moto “brush your teeth save your life”

At the conclusion of the seminar an “Awareness Walk” was held. The march was inaugurated by Prof Dr Zahida Baqai along with Dr Talha Sidiqqui and Prof Dr Asghar Ali Shigri. The formal ribbon cutting ceremony took place and respected Vice Chancellor did the honours.

The walk started from Nishan-e-Manzil, BMU, with participants including a huge body of students and faculty holding banners and spreading the message of oral health. The walk ended at the grave of Prof. Dr Fariduddin Baqai, where all the partakers did Fatiha Khuwani at the grave.

April 15, 2019

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