CMH’s School Dental Health Program

Lahore: The Department of Community & Preventive Dentistry, Institute of Dentistry, CMH Lahore Medical College (Head, Dr Bilal Abdul Qayum Mirza), Director of Clinics (Prof Arham Nawaz Chohan) collaborated with Health & Guidance Cell (headed by Dr. Raheela A. Shaheen) Lahore Garrison Education Institute(LGEI), to conduct a School Dental Health Program in all army schools located in the Cantonment region of Lahore.

The examination of 18,523 students of playgroup to Matriculation or O/A was conducted from November 2017 to February 2018.

Dr. Asma Shakoor, Dr. Ali Anwar and Dr. Fatima Tuz Zahra, along with house officers were calibrated for oral examinations and charting. The examination consisted of charting WHO’s oral examination form which included, ‘Decayed Missing Filled Teeth’ index (DMFT and dmft), frequency of dental visits, brushing regularity, incidence of dental trauma, Fluorosis, CPITN, mobility index and OHI-S.

The students were thoroughly examined by the house officers. Instructions were given to all the students on maintaining good oral hygiene, along with spreading awareness regarding dental diseases.

Examined students were then referred to the Institute of Dentistry, CMH Lahore Medical College, to proceed with their required dental treatments.


April 25, 2018

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