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KARACHI – Ziauddin College of Dentistry organized a seminar titled ‘Good Ethical Practices in Dentistry.’ The program was organized under the supervision of Dr. Amir Akbar Shaikh (HOD, Community and Preventive Dentistry) Dr. Mustafa Naseem and Dr. Sidra Mohiuddin.

Dr. Saqib Rasheed (President, Pakistan Dental Association) was the first speaker and spoke about ‘Ethical Responsibilities in Dentistry.’ He highlighted the significance and the worth of the dental profession in the society and also emphasized on the importance of building ethical responsibilities towards patients, public and community as well as emphasized on responsibilities of the dentist towards his /her own profession.He also said that standards in dental practice should be maintained at all levels that is; in Out Patient Departments as well as in private clinics.

Dr. Irfan Qureshi (Head of Department, Prosthodontics, Sir Syed College Of Dentistry), one of the most celebrated dentists of the country delivered his lecture on the topic ‘Sacred Bond of Trust between You & your Patients’. In his presentation, he accentuated on the development of communication between the dentist and the patient. He also shed light on the importance of learning from colleagues and mentors, as it is crucial for growth in the profession of dentistry.

Dr. Ashar Afaq (Head of Department & vice Principal, Dow International Dental College, Dow University of Health Sciences) expressed his thoughts on the topic ‘Ethical Issues in Dentistry’. He pointed out about the abuse of prescription by patients and pharmaceuticals, sexual harassment, child abuse, dating with patient, restricted access to dental care and confidentiality. Dr Ashar emphasized on the topic of research methodology and its importance in the modern world.

Dr. Mervyn Hossein (Dean & Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgeon, Ziauddin College of Dentistry, Ziauddin University) concluded the ceremony by sharing his words of wisdom on the importance of continuity of dental education for a brighter future of dental professionals regarding up gradation of their knowledge and practices.

The  seminar was huge success and total 365 participants registered and 300 appeared, this was 1st dental college activity under the  supervision of Department of Community and Preventive Dentistry, participants came from different dental colleges of Karachi like Fatima Jinnah Dental College ,Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry, Sir Syed College of medical sciences, Hamdard College of Dentistry ,Jinnah Medical and Dental college, Baqai Dental College, J P MC  and as well as huge amount of   private practitioners attended the seminar, various dental professionals from Hyderabad(ISRA University and LUHMS Jamshoro) were participated also. This was possible because of team of professionals  under HOD/Assistant Professor Dr Amir Akbar Shaikh ,Assistant Professor Dr Sidra Mohiuddin, Dr Mustafa Naseem ,Dr Haseeb Pervaiz ,Dr Zaeem Arif ,Dr Sana and their team of volunteers including 2nd year and 3rd year BDS   ,they all did great job and made this seminar successful.

The seminar was sponsored by Dental News, Shield Corporation, Pharmatec and Platinum Pharma, a special mention of Hashim Hasan C.E.O Dental news and Shahid Nizami Business Unit Manager Platinum for their extraordinary supported for this seminar. – PR

September 10, 2015

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