Cross Infection Control Practices- Comprehensive Session Held at HDC

The workshop held at HDC, that was based around the concept of ‘Cross Infection Control Practices involving Dentists as a team leader,’ was co-organized in collaboration with  Prof. Dr. Kashif Naqvi, Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department, Hamdard Dental College (HDC) and Oral Maxillofacial Department for students in Professional 3rd year of Dentistry.

The aim of the event was to facilitate and evaluate knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding Infection Control procedures amongst dental students, as patients and professionals are exposed to high biological risk in dental care environments.

The program was interdisciplinary facilitated by Dr. M.Umair Ali, Dr. Maham Naeem, Dr.Sadia Mehmood, along with senior House Officers of the department.

Overall, approximately 40 participants attended the workshop.

This event brought together 3rd year students covering an interesting array of topics by renowned speaker, Dr. Ayesha Basit.

She further explained that, dentists have a duty as a leader to take appropriate precautions to protect their patients and the staff from the risk of cross-infection. Failure to provide and use adequate decontamination, disinfection and sterilization facilities will lead to professional misconduct.

The workshop proved highly successful in identifying and addressing a coherent set of problems associated with cross-infection, and the role of the dentist as a leader. Therefore, Continued Infection Control Education through seminars, workshops and researches amongst students, in order to improve knowledge, attitudes and practices must be continued in professional universities and colleges.

As it is wisely said, “Do not let someone’s irresponsibility become your responsibility.’’

August 18, 2018

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