New System Early-Detects Tooth Problems, Saving you Money

A trip to the dentist isn’t something most people like to do, especially when it comes to filling cavities. But some dentists are now using a Doppler-like
image008 radar system to detect tooth problems at the earliest stage.
A Doppler radar-like device, just like the ones used to forecast weather, could minimize the use of the dreaded drill, save you time, money and pain. It’s called Spectra.
“This is 100 years old, x-rays are 100 years old, and accuracy is 50%, that’s crazy,” Dr. Graham said.
Dr. Graham says new technology is perfecting the art of dentistry, but the best line of defense always begins with brushing and flossing your teeth daily.
Not all dentists are using this Doppler dentistry because it is an expensive tool. Insurance does not cover the costs. Some doctors don’t add an additional fee while some may pass the cost on to the consumer. However it is important to acknowledge the technological advancements occurring in clinical dentistry worldwide, which do not only facilitate dentists in their clinical work but also allow less affording patients to obtain expensive dental treatments and surgeries at lower costs.

October 9, 2017

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