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Editorial Board, JPDA Expresses Pride Over the Election of Pres. Dr Alvi

Karachi- On behalf of the editorial board of the Journal of the Pakistan Dental Association, comprised of editors Dr Inayatullah Padhiar, Prof. Dr Saqib Rashid, Prof. Dr Arshad Hasan, Managing Editor Mr Hashim Hassan and the Editor in Chief Prof Ayyaz Ali Khan expressed pride over the election of Dr Arif Alvi as the 13th President of Pakistan. Dr Alvi has also served as the Editor in Chief for the journal in the past. Prof Ayyaz said that it was a matter of extreme pride for the medical profession, and dentistry in particular. He extended warm regards and prayed that Allah helped Pres Dr Alvi in delivering his duties to the best of his abilities.

September 10, 2018

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