Food poisoning: Teenager dies after consuming burger at fast food joint


KARACHI- A young girl of 13 years died apparently from food poisoning in District Central, Karachi, recently Thirteen-year-old Kinza, daughter of prominent dental surgeon Dr Ahmed Bari, , was admitted to Ziauddin Hospital in the same neighbourhood.

According to family sources Kinza, her mother Dr Shazia and two younger siblings, Noman and Shayan, ate burgers from a fast food joint and all four fell sick and were taken to Ziauddin Hospital, where Kinza died during treatment.

The family also approached the police to register a case against the food outlet. However, the police said they were waiting for the chemical examination report.

The death certificate issued by the hospital confirms the cause of death as food poisoning. The family has already provided one of the burgers to the police and who have sent it to the laboratory for forensic examination to ascertain its contents.

The manager of the food joint said that while the police are looking into the incident, the management is also trying to ascertain facts.

“Hundreds of people come here and eat food daily,” he said. “If there was some problem in the food, it should have affected more people. But nothing can be said until the chemical report is issued.”

February 6, 2015

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