KMDC initiates the 24-hour Smart Drug & Poison Information Center

KMDC initiates the 24-hour Smart Drug & Poison Information Center  web

Karachi: Karachi Medical and Dental College (KMDC), governed by the Karachi metropolitan Cooperation, has recently initiated a unique telephone follow-up service called ‘Smart Drug & Poison Information Center’ in order to raise awareness in citizens regarding the different aspects of prescription drug consumption.

It was revealed through telephone follow-up calls that approximately 350 patients with cardiovascular diseases visited the Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases (KIHD) OPD during the month of August 2014. 13% of the patients could not afford the medicines, and even if they did manage to purchase the drugs, they would discontinue use after some time, being unable to replenish the doses after they had finished.

It was further revealed that 18% of the patients were unable to use all prescribed medicines and only purchased selected drugs due to the affordability issues. It was observed that the socio-economic factor plays a major role in a patient’s treatment, which may or may not be pursued owing to poverty. It was also learned through the follow-up service that 29% of the patients often forget to take blood pressure medication doses on time which resulted in further complications. 36% of the patients faced drug related side-effects and 80% of the patients expressed complete satisfaction with the medication prescribed by the physicians at government hospitals.

Smart Drug & Poison Information Center facility is available round the clock for all citizens. They are free to consult the Pharmacists’ Awareness Counter after OPD checkups.

October 22, 2014

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