Never extract your own teeth!

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It sounds very odd and ridiculous, but there are people even now who try to extract their own teeth. Toothache is very painful and a person can do anything to get relief from it. If the pain is very severe then one can go to any extent to stop that pain. Abscesses and extremely bad cavities are the worst as the pain never seems to let up no matter whatever happens.

In old days, teeth were extracted by the use of pliers due to unavailability of dentists in the area. Alcohol was a medium to make people unconscious, as there was no concept of local anesthesia back then to locally numb the pain, and then their teeth were extracted. Nowadays due to the widespread usage of anesthesia, it used to locally numb a toothache before pulling the tooth out. But if a person tries to pull his/her teeth themselves, then it would hurt no matter whatever they have done.

However there are a few circumstances where a person can pull their own teeth. For example baby teeth are safe and less painful to pull. But before pulling it out one must make sure of the age of the tooth to be removed. The easy way to check is to wiggle the teeth around, if it seems loose then it will come out without any problem. But if one pulls the tooth and they find out that it is an abscess, then it is an alarming situation and one must rush to the dentist as soon as possible.

One more situation when it is permissible to pull out one’s tooth is when one has a severe gum disease. Gum disease can result in extreme decay of the socket and bone, resulting in the destruction of the tooth. In case of a severe one the tooth will loosen and will come out itself without any difficulty. But one must be very careful when doing this, because if the tooth is pulled out before time then only the top of the tooth might break. If this happens then one must visit the dentist shortly to extract the remaining portion of the tooth. In other cases, the pain is so severe that the tooth is intolerable to touch.

Teeth are very delicate part of one’s body and must be handled with great care. Even if a tooth seems loose, it is not necessary to pull it out with a pair of pliers. If one makes a mistake while pulling a tooth out with the help of pliers, then it causes more harm than any good. Putting pliers in the mouth can cause infection in the first place, which eventually can send a person to a dentist. Also abscesses should never be dealt by a person on their own. The dentist will extract it out properly and prescribe antibiotics accordingly to stop the infection from spreading.

The best and the safest approach is to visit the dentist as soon as a person feels a toothache. If one even tries to treat themselves, they will end up worsening the situation and in the end going up to the dentist for further treatment. So it is better to go to the dentist initially and have proper treatment rather than trying to pull out the tooth themselves, no matter how bad the pain. The dentist will numb the area before pulling the tooth out so that one does not feel any pain. He will prescribe painkillers to relieve the pain or antibiotics to treat any infection present.

May 18, 2017

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