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Scientific Programme at FDI Congress – India


The upcoming FDI Annual World Dental Congress in New Delhi promises a rich scientific programme which includes panels, conferences, forums, and interactive sessions on up to date subjects of all disciplines in dentistry. The participants will be able to attend the scientific programme with free communications and poster discussion sessions. Not only dentists, but the needs of all oral health workers have been considered in the scientific programme. With several courses on various subjects, the participants will be able to follow the developments and improve their professional knowledge and skills. For details visit

The sessions to be held on 11th September, 2014 will include:

  • Evidence-based Dental Practice, by Shailesh Lele,
  • Evidence based dentistry – new Diagnostic & Treatment methods, by Devi Charan Shetty.
  • Prosthodontics lecture on “Success in restorative dentistry, by Asha Samant
  • Anaesthesia / Dental & Medical emergencies, by Stanley Malamed
  • Future perspectives in dental research, by Manu Krishnan
  • Endodontics: Impact of new technology & materials on outcome, by Meetu R. Kohli
  • Advances in root canal instrumentation in endodontics, by Wilhelm-Joseph Pertot
  • Policies & Practices to reduce oral cancer, by Pankaj Chaturvedi
  • Trends in Oral Cancer world wide – role of the dental profession, by Newell Johnson
  • Advances in detection & chemoprevention-Oral Cancer, by Moni Abraham Kuriakose
  • Photography in Dentistry with Demonstration by Vipul Srivastav
  • Proper Periodontal Maintenance, by Thomas J. Kepic
  • Digital Dentistry/Radiology – CBCT for diagnosis & treatment , by Michael Bornstein
  • Endodontics lecture on Management of periapical pathosis, by Chad Gehani
  • Decision making in 3rd molar surgery, by Victoria Pezza
  • Perspective of maxillofacial prosthodontic rehabilitation, by Vimal Arora
  • Dentist’s role in Precancerous lesions, by Jay Gopal Ray
  • Education on self examination protocols to high risk patients, by Mathan Mohan
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons rehabilitating Oral Cancer patients, by Srijon Mukherjee
  • Eaarly detection and treatment of Oral Cancer, by Sanjiv Nair
  • Lacunae of knowledge on Oral Cancer amongst dentists- by Kannan Ranganathan
  • Paediatric Dentistry new Trends in pulp therapy, by Anna Fuks
  • Maxillary hypoplasia in cleft lip and palate, by Lian MA
  • Challenges of the aging population, by Frauke Müller
  • Pain management, by Sandesh Mayekar
  • Public Health – Need for Oral Health Programmes, by Dr Swastichara

On 12th of September 2014, the Scientific programme will feature:

  • Financial management best practices, by Alexander P.R. Tolmeijer
  • Anaesthesia / Dental Emergency – Is the mandibular block passé? By Stanley Malamed
  • new concept in endodontics, by Deivanayagam Kandaswamy
  • Complications in esthetic implant: buccal recession, by Alain H. Romanos
  • Success in practice by William Cheung
  • Infection Control in dentistry: current paradigms, by Lakshman Samaranayake
  • Prognosis for periodontally compromised tooth, by Thomas J. Kepic
  • KPIs for the dental practice, by Alexander P.R. Tolmeijer
  • Implants for adolescents, by Arun Sharma
  • Local Anesthetics – Dentistry’s Most Important Drugs, by Stanley Malamed
  • Hypomineralization of Enamel (MIH), by David Manton
  • Pain free endodontics – by V. Gopi Krishna
  • Secular trends in dental development: by Jaykumar Jayraman
  • Evidence-based management of early carious lesions, Domenick T. Zero
  • How to manage dental implant failures?, by Luca Cordaro
  • How to manage dental implant failures? By Alain H. Romanos
  • Global burden of major oral diseases, by Lijian Jin
  • Global burden of major oral diseases by Ira Lamster
  • Actions for tackling oral diseases – non-communicable, by Harry-Sam Selikowitz
  • Actions for tackling oral diseases – non-communicable, by Aubray Sheiham
  • Preparation for the amalgam phase-down, by Naseem Shah
  • Turning Surveillance Into Strategies – Childsmile & Smile4life Programmes, by C. Albert Yeung
  • Forensic Odontology – Dental Age Estimation, by Ashith B. Acharya
  • Global perspective of childhood caries prevention, by Francisco J. Ramos-Gomez

The sessions on the 13th of September, include;

  • Success in practice, by William Cheung
  • Nonsurgical endodontics and final protocol, by Anish Naware
  • Prosthodontic treatment concepts in elderly and old patients, by Frauke Müller
  • Children With Special Need, by Ashima Goyal
  • Rehabilitation of patient with advanced peridontal breakdown, by Luca Cordaro
  • Evidence-based caries preventive measures, by Ece Eden
  • History and rationale of MID, by Jo Frencken
June 11, 2014

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