Spiritual Power of Surah Ar-Rehman

Medical Practitioners and Scientists Prescribe a Dose as a Cure for Ailments and Life-Threatening Diseases

By A Rehman

It was shared by the International and National medical experts and scientists at a seminar organized by Mast Heaters at Allama Iqbal Medical College Auditorium that, Surah Ar-Rehman provides an ultimate cure for physical and psychological ailments. The therapeutic prowess of spiritual healing and efficacy of Quranic verses has long been a moot point among medical experts and scientists. This seminar was first of its kind, where scientific evidence to substantiate this phenomena was brought into public discourse. Medical experts and scientists presented evidence from medical practice and inferences from their latest scientific research on the effectiveness of Surah Ar-Rehman in treatment of various diseases. Renowned Film Actress Syeda Noor Bukhari, while moderating the proceedings also shared her own experience of being healed with this therapy.

Dr. Mahrukh Khan, Pakistan’s first female cardiac surgeon shared evidence from her experiences at different Intensive Care Units (ICUs), with an engrossed audience, as to how Surah Ar-Rehman worked as an effective solution, when the prowess of medical science faded. She presented the documented evidence of reduction of mortality rate from 50 % to only 25 % in one year in her Cardiac ICU. Her inferences were supported by Prof. Dr. Syeda Zainab, Department of Physiology, Central Park Medical College. She highlighted that, ‘The love of Allah was symbolized by that of a mother circling between Safa and Marwa and how that has been made an essential part of the Hajj, and that it signifies unconditional love.’

 It was enlightening to hear Prof. Dr. Tariq Bashir, Department of Biology, LUMS, while he shared findings of his research on Epigenetics and the role of environment on an organism’s phenotype and how love affects at a molecular level. He discussed the findings of his international research on the healing efficacy of Surah Ar-Rehman, observed regardless of religion and race.

Dr. Muhammad Javed Ahmad, a Senior Medical Specialist and Intensivist at Services Institute of Medical Sciences Lahore, added that, Surah Ar-Rehman has been instrumental in healing his patients suffering from serious life threatening medical conditions. The audience was astonished to know that survival rate of Rat poison (Aluminum Phosphide) victims in his ICU was an unbelievable 80 % in contrast to almost 100% mortality rate documented worldwide.

This Surah’s therapy provides an ultimate remedy for Physical and Psychological wellbeing. The speakers added that this therapy also stands true to epitome of inclusiveness and fairness as it has been benefitting people irrespective of their religion, caste and creed.

The seminar audience was enthralled by the practical demonstration of the Ar-Rehman therapy. Seminar proceedings were followed by a Q/A session, where Dr. Muhammad Javed responded to a diverse set of questions from the audience regarding the Ar-Rehman therapy. A guest Dr. Tariq Ali Banguish shared his observation in Leeds, UK on the successful use of this therapy by a non- Muslim doctor in his liver transplant ICU.

The seminar ended with a note of thanks and a longing to know more about the miracles of Surah Ar-Rehman.


May 24, 2018

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