The Fight for Blue

The 2014 Sports week was kicked off at the Baqai University in Karachi. (Source: Baqai Medical University Event/ Dental News Pakistan)

Karachi: The 2014 Sports week was kicked off at the Baqai University in Karachi. The symbolic start of the games was marked by Dr. Shoaib Baqai kicking the football into the sports arena. The activity titled: “Walwala 2014”, is a part of The Baqai University Silver Jubilee Celebrations. “It’s the fight for blue. At the end of the week, the world shall see which team will wear the Baqai Blue for the rest of the year” said, Dr. Talha Mufid Vice Principal Baqai Dental College and The Chief Organizer of the Sports Week. The winning team is allowed to wear the symbolic Blue Color of the Baqai University until the next games.

Baqai University has been always supportive of positive student activities, and the management at Baqai feels that such activities would inculcate the spirits of sportsmanship, professionalism and team play. The Vice Chancellor of the Baqai University, Mrs. Baqai said “School Sports Week is the largest celebration of Sport within Baqai. The Walwala 2014 School may only seem like a simple university sports week, but it is a lot more. Soon, it shall take over as an even that involves all medical and dental colleges across the Country. We want this to be a National Event!”

The teams were divided according their departments, and were allowed to choose the names of their liking. Representing the Baqai Dental College was “Team Cheetha”. The teams participated in the inaugural ceremony with passion, energy and creativity. The event saw the students of Phram.D entering the sports arena on Sports Bikes and Jeeps; while the Medical Students, The Team Dragon, has a dragon float accompanying them to the sports arena. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Talha Mufeed Siddiqui said “I live through my students. It is the happiness and joy on their faces that makes the entire effort worthwhile”.

Dr. Ainul Haq, the manager of the sports event, told Dental News that new sports activities have been introduced in the Walwala 2014. He said that the Baqai Sports Week is a fantastic reason for students to engage and experience sport like never before. Not only is this a great opportunity to get students involved in the familiar sports within a PE lesson but it is also a perfect time to get students involved in fun University Activity Week, where they can be introduced to new and exciting sports which they may not normally participate in.

The teams shall be competing in Cricket, Football, Volley Ball, Throw ball, Table Tennis, Athletics and much more.

“It’s a dream come true. I am carrying the Pakistan flag; I wish to repeat my last years’ performance so that I can retain this honor in 2014” said, Dr. Beenab Maqbool, the best athelete of 2013, who was allowed to lead the sports arena with the Pakistan Standard.

Speaking to Dental News the event organizers also said that they have been celebrating sports week to involve the whole University. They said that Baqai University has always been up to the challenge and has been delivering one of the most engaging sports activities in Pakistan.

March 27, 2014

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