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Wild Turkey Crashes into Orthodontics Office

Wild Turkey Crashes into Orthodontics Office

An orthodontics office in Rhode Island got an unexpected patient this week.

You read that headline correctly.

A wild turkey crashed through a window at Pezza Orthodontics, which is located on Pontiac Avenue in Cranston.

Pezza Orthodontics says in a Facebook post they thought the office had been robbed when they found the windows broken. Staff quickly figured it out when they saw a wild turkey on one of the waiting room chairs.

“It’s not every day a turkey flies through the window in your reception room. But, it does happen,” a post on the businesses’ Facebook page noted Monday. “And no, we do not accept turkeys as new patients! (please pardon our appearance while we replace the window).”

The office says the glass has since been cleared and the room disinfected. WFXT-TV reports it will take a few weeks to replace the window, and the office has apologized to patients for the inconvenience.

In the photo, the turkey is seen perched on a chair in the waiting room, with a gaping hole in the window and glass strew about the room.

The bird appears to be staring out the window it smashed to pieces.

“It’s a crazy story! Everything is cleaned and disinfected, and all the glass is removed. Should be 1-2 weeks for the new window,” the business noted in the comment section.

Maybe the turkey knows Thanksgiving is coming and was trying to seek safety!

October 18, 2017

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