10 reasons you should start flossing from today


You might have heard that brushing your teeth twice a day is extremely important for dental health. But do you know it is equally important to floss at least once a day? Brushing cleans the outer surfaces of the teeth. Whereas a dental floss, also known as the inter-dental cleaner, cleans small gaps between the teeth and spaces between the gums and base of the teeth, places which aren’t in the reach of a toothbrush. Also, antimicrobial mouthwash are used to kill the bacteria that result in the formation of plaque, they too can’t remove tartar and pieces of food that get stuck in these places.

This article will list down 10 reasons why you should floss every day and I am sure after reading them you will include flossing in your daily routine, if you haven’t yet.

1.      Fresher Breath

As mentioned earlier, toothbrush does not remove food lodged between the teeth. If left unremoved then the food starts rotting, leading to a foul breath odor, repelling your friends away from you. Foul odor needs to be dealt with soon as it is found that the chemicals released from foul odor are the same chemicals released from dead substances and poop.

2.      Prevents Tartar Formation

Tartar is the accumulation of plaque that has been left untouched for a long period of time. It can only be removed by visiting a dentist who scraps it off using a scrapper. But with the use of dental floss regularly one can prevent its formation. Flossing enables one to remove tartar while it is in its early stage, is sticky but soft and can be plied easily.

3.      Protects Gum

Unremoved food between the teeth and gum may result in the formation of plaque. If not treated plaque may harden to form tartar. Tartar accumulation may lead to gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease that results in red swollen gums. If left unchecked, tartar and plaque may spread even below the gum line leading to periodontitis, a severe gum disease in which the person feels severe inflammation and can eventually lead to loss of tooth or bone.

4.      Helps Prevent Other Diseases

Study has revealed that apart from bad breath, discolored teeth and gum disease, poor dental health can lead to various other diseases. It has been proved that chemicals that are released due to foul breath affect the entire body, causing heart diseases, respiratory illness, and diabetes.

5.      Increases Chances of Longevity

The Leisure World Cohort has studied the relationship between flossing and longevity. 5611 adults were monitored over a period of 10 years and it was concluded those who did not floss had a 25% to 29% more risk of death as compared to those who did floss regularly. Moreover, it was found that use of mouthwash and toothpick was no substitute of a floss.

6.      Flossing and Brushing Together are More Effective

The American Dental Association suggests flossing before brushing makes brushing more effective as with lesser plaque between the teeth, fluoride can reach to more parts of the mouth.

7.      White Smile

If you brush and floss your teeth regularly, you can get clean white teeth, adding a pretty smile to your face.

8.      Younger Smile

Red swollen gums takes away the beauty of a smile. With regular flossing you can prevent gum diseases thus giving you a young beautiful smile.

9.      Less Dental Visit

If you brush and floss regularly, you are less likely to catch tooth decay or a gum disease, hence keeping up your dental health. This will in turn lead to less dental visits, apart from the routine yearly visit.

10.     Saves Money

As mentioned above regular flossing prevents one from other diseases as well as results in less dental visits, it in turns saves one’s money spent om doctor/dentist visit.

Regular brushing and flossing, two simple steps that might take a few minutes from the day, can save your dental and overall health as well as your money.


April 18, 2017

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