2 years Delay in giving Time Scale to Doctors in Sindh

2 years delay

Long delay in giving timescale to doctors and dentists in Sindh

SUKKUR: Show cause notices were issued by the Sukker bench of Sindh High court, addressing the chief secretary and the health secretary of Sindh government. These secretaries had failed to act apon the verdict which granted timescale to doctors all over Sindh.

In the year 2010, The Joint Secretary – Sindh Chapter of Pakistan Medical Association – Dr. Usman Mako and other officials had filed a constitutional petition, where they claimed that over 11,000 doctors working in Sindh, including dental surgeions, specialists and general physicians continue to work in grade-17 since the last 23 years. The petition stated that; All these professionals are waiting to get their promotions and higher pay scales. However, so far, they have been denied the deserved raises from the government authorities.

Dr. Mako stated that “We have filed contempt applications against the Sindh government and, after a hearing, the honourable court had reserved its verdict on December 17, 2013”.

According to media reports, the SHC Sukkur bench, in June 2011, had ordered the Sindh government to grant timescale to the doctors but in spite of that more than two years have lapsed, the government has failed to implement the court verdict. 

According to Dr. Mako; the reserved verdict was announced after the SHC issued show-cause notices to the respondents and asked them to appear before the court within the next two weeks and explain in person why the court order was not implemented. More than 11,000 may be affected by the court’s decision.

April 12, 2014

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