2nd International Conference on Oral Implantology


“The Second International Conference on Oral Implantology by the Federation of Implant Dentistry Pakistan: How it all became possible”

The Federation of Implant Dentistry Pakistan (FIDP) held its second international conference in Karachi from 21st to 23rd of March 2014. As expected, it was a high quality meeting with world class speakers from all over the world and once again the FIDP proved its commitment and class by pulling off an event at the picturesque DHA Golf and Country Club, attended by more than 500 delegates.

The speakers at the event were Dr Jin Kim (USA), Dr Henrietter Lerner (Germany), Dr Aldo Vicari (Venezuela), Dr Marwan Qasem (Palestine) and Dr Mohammad Assaf (Palestine). The event was impeccably organized and the arrangements, attention to detail and extraordinary ambience was evident. All in attendance were impressed with what was on display.

Dr Irfan Qureshi – President of the FIDP, a well known figure in Pakistan’s oral implantology sector and the driving force behind the FIDP, stated: “It took us two years to arrange the second event, and it would be an understatement to say that the odds were highly stacked against us. Pakistan is a small Implantology market, and it was very difficult to get local implant dealers to come out as sponsors for this event which had a budget in excess of 5 million Rupees. Thanks to Mr Leon Beaulieu – Vice President International Marketing for Biohorizons Implant System, for providing platinum sponsorship for this event.

Mr Danish Sheikh from Sir syed College of Medicine and Dentistry also supported us enthusiastically. Many other companies, such as 3M, ICS group (Gold Sponsors), Western (Tiologic Implants), Neobiotech, Novabone, Pfizer, World Group, Herrani Pharma, IBS implants and DIO implants joined in as well. By the grace of Allah, the FIDP pulled off another memorable event.”

Dr Qureshi added, I must thank Mr Hashim Hasan, owner and CEO of Dental News, who with his vigilant, prompt and unconditional support was instrumental in acquiring visas for our speakers. I must mention Mr Shahid Qureshi here too, who played a vital role in getting these visas.

For the first time in Pakistan, in a dental conference, we used an SMD 12 by 14 feet display screen. Ms Sanam Agha, Nasreen Bokutz and Issac did an immaculate job with the audiovisual and the classy stage design. We had a lot of youthful energy this time. Dr Sidra Khan, the latest addition to the FIDP core committee as the official Coordinator, did a wonderful job and proved her competence and maturity beyond her years. She handled a large volunteer team, print campaign, website, registrations very efficiently, while truly enriching the pre and post conference workshops.

We had volunteers from numerous prestigious colleges, who added a youthful energy and enthusiasm to this event. These youngsters from Baqai Dental College, Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine, Sir Syed College of Medicine and Dentistry, Fatima Jinnah Dental College, Dow University of Health Sciences, Isra Dental College Hyderabad, Jinnah Medical and Dental College, Karachi Medical and Dental College, Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry all worked very very hard to ensure a successful event.”

As expected, the lectures given by all the speakers, were of top international standard, covered topics ranging from aesthetics, bone grafting, socket augmentation, implant complications and sinus grafting. It was a real treat for the audience to witness such lectures at a meagre registration fee of Rs 3500, right here in Pakistan.

The unique pre and post symposium workshops were truly insightful for implant dentistry education in Pakistan. On the day one, 4 workshops ran simultaneously at different satellite venues which and 2 workshops were conducted post symposium as well. 4 of these 6 workshops, included implant placement on patients under direct supervision by participants. The workshops also involved advanced technques such as sinus grafting, PRF, and bone grafting. In particular, Dr Mohammad Assaf conducted workshops on soft tissue grafting and these periosurgery workshops were highly appreciated. The FIDP realizes the need for periodontology training for clinicians, given the dearth of qualified periodontists in the country.

Dr Irfan also thanked the Pakistan Dental Association. “ The PDA and its president, Professor Saqib Rashid, were very kind to grant us their patronage and their sponsorship. The FIDP is a testament to the new, dynamic leadership of the PDA, and its commitment to supporting dental professional and dentistry across the county.”

“Last but not the least, I must thank Dr Yawar Abidi (Vice President), Dr Sameer Quraishi (Finance Secretary), Dr Murtuza Kazmi (General Secretary), Dr Mehmood Hussain (Joint Secretary), who stood by me in this endeavour and have always offered unconditional support”.

“On a personal note, I have always been perturbed at the way the world perceives the people of Pakistan. I believe that professional excellence along with commitment to continued progress and growth is just one way to improve Pakistan`s image in the world. My dream is that one day, clinicians from around the world will seek to come to Pakistan and train under the FIDPs faculty to achieve excellence in Oral Implantology. All the international speakers that visit Pakistan, to lecture for us, take back with them, fond memories and a positive impression of our hospitality and commitment to progress. I consider this, a small victory for Pakistan, as it battles to improve its image in the global community.”

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April 7, 2014

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