3M makes to list of top 100 brands


Washington — The 3M made to the list of Inter-brand “Top 100 brands” for the third consecutive.According to a press release of the firm, 3M has been continuously making progress in the Inter-brand ranking and it was evident from the fact that it ranked 90 in 2010, 85 last year and now at 77.position.

It has been an impressive year for 3M, which has strengthened its brand in many areas and in doing so has increased its brand value by 18 per cent. The company has continued to win accolades for its environmental record, especially in pollution prevention, and its commitment to staff. The company’s strong R&D culture delivers a wide range of products that meet customer needs across both B2B and B2C audiences, and improve the environment (the company ranked #12 in Inter-brand’s Best Global Green Brands 2012).

Reinforced by consistent and effective brand communications, 3M continues to build trust and respect among customers – earning the company leading global market positions in each of its business areas, where a closer connection has been achieved between strong product brands and the 3M corporate brand. In 2011, 3M launched a new R&D facility in India, slated to bring in significant revenue within the next five years. And despite the recession, 3M managed a sales increase in the first quarter of 2012, making the future look very bright indeed.

3M is very fortunate to be able to lean on a rich heritage of innovation, but they recognize that the present and future growth of their position relies on constant attention to their brand-which means underlining their impact and relevance among various constituencies, both internal and external. Through executive input and integrated team assessment, they refined their brand positioning to better capture the unique and contemporary aspects of their culture of innovation. Namely, they began to clearly articulate the purpose of their company, the essence of their brand and the stories that bring it to life.

October 21, 2012

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