3M Unitek organizes the first orthodontic workshop at AKU


Modern orthodontics is all aimed at primarily; dealing with aesthetics and improvising function

By Dr Ayesha Fahim Ata

KARACHI- 3M Unitek organized a specialist session at Aga Khan University’s dental department, recently. The theme of this workshop was ‘Advanced Orthodontics and Treatment Planning’.

Dr. Attiya Sheikh – Assistant Professor, AKU, Dr. Babar Ashraf Quraishi – HoD, Orthodontics, FJDC, Dr. Irfan Qamruddin-HoD Orthodontics, Baqai Dental College and Dr. Rashna Hoshang Sukhia – HoD of Orthodontics, Sir Syed Dental College was the speakers on the occasion.

This workshop has been recognized as the first step of a collaborative initiative by AKU and 3M Unitek that will lead to numerous insightful events in the near future. This workshop was attended by 30 participants, including; undergraduates, postgraduates, general dentists and lecturers from prestigious institutions.

The programme started with the recitation of the verses from the Holy Quran, followed by a welcome address and first speech of the session delivered by Dr Attiya Sheikh. Her topic related to ‘Brief Description of Orthodontic Diagnosis’ dealt with common diagnostic aids and modalities used in clinical practice. The importance of; good history, careful diagnosis, supplemental study aids, clinical examination and photographs in modern orthodontic practice was also covered. She further discussed the essence of a proper case history to ensure a prompt diagnosis and the importance of problem-oriented approach with its effects on treatment planning.

The next speaker, Dr Rashna, in her presentation; ‘Growth Prediction and Assessment’, briefly overviewed manipulation of growth, its effects on treatment planning and what treatment options are left when growth spurt has been lost.

Dr Irfan Qamruddin, in his presentation titled; ‘Clinical Examination’, stressed on “Beauty Lies in Symmetry and Proportion”

After a tea-break, Dr. Babar Ashraf Qureishi delivered the session’s last lecture, on the topic of; ‘Dental VTO’ (Visualized Treatment Objectives), wherein he explained that dental VTO ensures organized and simplified information for diagnosis and treatment planning, along with extraction and non extraction protocol. Dr. Babar and also explained the fact that progress can be quickly evaluated by referring to VTO.

Towards the end of this session a question & answer session was held, followed by a briefing from 3M Unitek’s Category Specialist – Dr Muhammed Arsalan Riyaz, who said that such initiatives will lead us towards creating pragmatic CDE programmes for young dentists.

The workshop ended with a certificates-distribution ceremony and lunch for the participants.

April 20, 2013

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