5th Annual International Conference Held Under PAO and PPA


LAHORE – With the theme of Emancipating the Smile, 5th International Conference was conducted under the auspices of Pakistan Association of Orthodontists (PAO) and Pakistan Prosthodontic Association (PPA). Participants from all over the country as well as international speakers attended in large numbers. Prof. Dr. Junaid Sarfraz Khan Vice Chancellor UHS graced the inaugural session as the chief guest whereas Prof. Dr. Kazi Muhammad Saeed Vice Chancellor KEMU, Lahore was the guest of honor. Prof. Dr. Col. Iffat Batool (Chairperson Orthodontics Conference), Prof. Dr. Waheed-ul-Hamid (Patron-in-Chief Orthodontics Conference), Prof. Dr. Asif Ali Shah (Chairperson Prosthodontics Conference) and Prof. Dr. Nazia Yazdanie, (Patron-in-Chief Prosthodontics Conference) along with other senior members also attended.

While giving his inaugural speech at the occasion, Prof. Junaid, Chief Guest, placed special emphasis on the importance of oral health care in the modern era. Prof. Saeed, Guest of Honor, praised efforts by PAO and PPA for the betterment of dental specialties in Pakistan. The academic sessions were extremely informative with high quality presentations by invited speakers. Foreign delegates included Dr. Roberto Justus (Mexico), Dr. How Kim Chuan (Singapore), Dr. Ram Nanda (USA), Dr. Hans Ulrik Paulsen, Dr. Fady Hussein Fahim (Egypt), Dr. Ahmad Hamdan (Jordan), Dr. Tulin Arun (Turkey), Dr. Derya Cakan (Turkey), Dr. Norehan Binti Mokhtar (Malaysia), Dr. Shaam Shamsi (UK), Dr. Bilal Arshad (UK) and Dr. Afsheen Tabassum (Saudi Arabia).

The conference housed parallel scientific sessions each for orthodontics and prosthodontics in which state of the art lectures were delivered by foreign and local experts.



First session started with a lecture by Dr. Roberto Justus on dentofacial orthopaedics- correction of Class II Div I malocclusions with severe skeletal problems in the early mixed dentition. It was followed by Dr. How Kim Chuan who elaborated the use of TADs and osseointegrated implant in the management of malocclusion with missing teeth. Session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Irfan-ul-Haq with Dr. Hasnain Sakrani as the co-chairman and Dr. Azhar Ali Bangash as secretary.

Second session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Abida Ijaz with Prof. Dr. Asma Shafiq as the secretary. In his lecture Dr. Roberto Justus shared as how to minimize the iatrogenic effects of orthodontic treatment. It was followed by another talk by same speaker on management of post-surgical relapse of mandibular set-back.

Third session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Ambreen Afzal with Prof. Dr. Rehan Qamar as the co-chairman and Prof. Dr. Babar Ashraf as secretary. Dr. Ram Nanda talked about pertinent concepts of facial esthetics. Dr. Hans Ulrik Paulsen presented his first part on long term evaluation of auto-transplantation of premolars. It was followed by Dr. Fady Hussein Fahim’s lecture on infrazygomatic, palatal and buccal oblique ridge TADs for solving challenging clinical situations; A Learning Curve.

Fourth session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Mubassir Fida with Dr. Imran Rahber as the co-chair and Dr. Awab Alvi as the secretary. In his lecture Dr. Ahmad Hamdan shed light on whether to extract or not to extract – A tale of two Continents. It was followed by talk by Dr. Fady Hussein Fahim on best selection for success of bone mapping.  Second day was ended with Dr. Hans Ulrik Paulsen who presented his second part on long term evaluation of auto-transplantation of premolars.

Fifth session started with a lecture by Dr. Ram Nanda on extraction space closure mechanism. It was followed by Dr. Tulin Arun on smile esthetics and Dr. Derya Cakan on treatment options in adult patients with cleft lip and palate. Session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Ulfat Bashir with Prof. Dr. Qasim Saeed as the co-chairman and Dr. Owais Durrani as secretary.

Last session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Amjad Mahmood with Prof. Dr. Ghulam Rasool as the co-chair and Dr. Muhamad Ilyas as the secretary. In his lecture Dr. Ahmad Hamdan elaborated facts about clear aligners in modern orthodontics practice. It was followed by talk by Dr Norehan Binti Mokhtar on effectiveness of class III orthopaedic therapy. Dr Derya Cakan necessitated role of team during orthodontic management of craniosynostosis patients. Dr Waqas Wahab talked about Clear Path Orthodontics


First session started with a lecture by Dr. Nazia Yazdanie on quality of life: its impact and rehabilitation of facial disfigurement. It was followed by Dr. Shaam Shamsi who elaborated the Implant planning for successful outcome. Dr. Bilal Arshad talked about smile design while topic of Dr. Afsheen Tabassum’s presentation was dental implants in periodontally compromised patients. Dr. Nasir Saleem necessitated restoring the endodontically treated teeth while Dr. Waqas Tanveer elaborated maxillofacial prosthetic rehabilitation following congenital and acquired defects. Session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Fazal-e-Ghani with Brig. Dr. Azad Ali Azad as the co-chairman and Dr. Zara Mahmood as secretary.

Second session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Sajid Nadeem with Prof. Dr. Abdul Mueed Zaigham as the co-chair and Dr. Hina Zafare Raja as the secretary. In his lecture Dr. Fazl-e-Ghani talked about principles and concepts of designing removable partial dentures. It was followed by talks by Dr. Bilal Arshad on photography in dentistry and Dr. Shaam Shamsi on success of implant supported prosthesis. Dr. Azad Ali Azad shared his views on need of team work for clinical dilemma of missing maxillary lateral incisors. Dr. Bilal A. Shaikh presented on fixed prosthetics while Dr. Syed Nasir Shah talked about dental materials. Dr. Hina Zafar Raja explained bonding as a key to preservation while Dr. Zara Mahmood highlighted biometric evaluation of anterior teeth

Third session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Tehmina Asad with Brig. Dr. Abdul Rehman as the co-chairman and Dr. Tayyaba Saleem as secretary. Dr. Mahmood Hussain talked about assessment of patients requiring conventional prosthesis. Lt. Col Dr. Qayyum Akhtar presented his findings on dental students’ perception about specialty selection. It was followed by Dr. Arham Chohan ‘s lecture on space maintainer.

One special session was allocated to the Postgraduate research competition among PG trainees. Scientific sessions concluded with a panel discussion. Apart from scientific sessions pre- and post-conference workshops were also held under supervision of foreign and local senior professionals.



Workshop on “NasoAlveolar Moulding therapy in Cleft infants” was conducted by Dr. Derya Cakan at FMH College of Dentistry, Lahore. Dr. Roberto Justus conducted workshop on “Methods to achieve excellence in Orthodontics” at University of Lahore. Institute of Dentistry, CMH Lahore Medical College facilitated in organizing two workshops on “Herbst Appliance Treatment: Manipulation with Natural Bone Growth” by Dr. Hans Ulrik Paulsen and “TOMAS system and Advance Molar Distalization Appliance” by Dr. Fady Hussein Fahim. Similarly, Lahore Medical and Dental College housed workshop on “FIGS Technique to Treat Malocclusion of Teeth” by Dr. Ram Nanda and Sharif Medical and Dental College provided support for ClearPath(TM) Certification Course by Dr. Waqas Wahab.


Workshop on “fabrication of ear prosthesis” was conducted by Dr. Waqas Tanveer at FMH College of Dentistry and de’Montmorency College of Dentsitry separately. Workshop on “implant placement and restoration” was conducted by Dr. Shaam Shamsi at University of Lahore. Dr. Bilal Arshad conducted workshop on “indirect restoration and veneer” at Institute of Dentistry, CMH Lahore Medical College.

Another salient feature was the scientific exhibition by several companies. Conference concluded with gala night.

October 11, 2017

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