7 ways smoking harms your mouth


Even though it is commonly understood that smoking leads to harm for health and well-being of a person and also gives way to some serious medical condition, people still fail to grasp the full extent of damage it can cause. Research shows that about 96,000 people die from all kinds of medical conditions caused by smoking. Here are 7 of the most disastrous effects of smoking and how they can be avoided.

1.    Bad Breath

One of the worst things that smokers develop is known as “smoker’s breath”. It is the residue left in a smoker’s mouth due to particles inhaled from the cig. It is harmful for the smoker as well as people who closely interact with him.

2.    Yellowing Teeth

Another major problem smokers develop is the yellowing of the teeth due to the presence of nicotine and tar in cigarettes. With continued use over the years, teeth become brown.

3.    Tartar

Tartar is the accumulation of plaque on teeth because of heavy smoking and improper cleaning. This not only damages the teeth but also the root and gums beneath them.

4.    Bacterial Infections

The build-up of plaque due to smoking also gives way to the development of bacteria on the teeth, gum and tongue. This weakens the bones of the jaw and also give rise to other oral diseases.

5.    Tooth decay and Gum Diseases

Smoking results in gum diseases and tooth decay. Research clearly specifies that people who smoke are at a very high risk for oral diseases, as compared to non-smokers.

6.    Oral Cancer

Smoking is the leading cause of oral cancer due to the presence of tobacco in cigarettes. The worst part though is that, it isn’t only mouth cancer that can occur, but cancers of various organs because of smoke inhalation.

7.    Leukoplakia

Leukoplakia are white or grey patches that occur in mouth because of smoking. These are caused because of irritation in the lining of the mouth.

The best way to avoid all these conditions is to do the following:

  • Quit smoking
  • Brushing teeth properly twice a day
  • Avoid sugary snacks and drinks
  • Paying regular visits to dentists
April 6, 2017

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