8 foods that you didn’t know are damaging for teeth


We are all aware, of course, that fizzy drinks and chocolates are bad news for your teeth. However, you might not have know about some seemingly harmless foods that are actually unexpectedly damaging for your oral and dental health as well.


Hot Water and Lemon

A traditional detox method of drinking hot water and fresh lemon has revived nowadays, with people boasting about flatter bellies and glowing complexions as its result.

But have you ever thought that this detox water can be harmful for your teeth? Lemon juice damages the enamel on teeth. So if you still prefer to go with this method then use a straw to sip water and keep your teeth safe.

Munching Ice


Many people munch ice, which contains zero calories, to satisfy their hunger. It is a good habit as it lessens your craving for food but crunching or biting the ice can make the teeth vulnerable to damage.

People also add ice into their drinks, especially during hot weather. It is okay to do that to increase your hydration levels as long as you don’t crunch or bite the ice.

Tea and Coffee Stains

Tea and coffee are the major culprits of teeth staining. And when consumed on a regular basis, stains increases. Stains are caused by the buildup of tannin compounds onto the teeth which makes the teeth yellow.

In order to avoid stains, rinse your mouth after consuming tea or coffee, so that the tannins wash away.

Green tea

People trying to lose weight increase the intake of green tea due to the health-boosting antioxidants it contains and the fact being it is calorie and fat free. But what they are unaware is that it can stain their teeth, though not as bad as coffee can.

To minimize stains you must sip it directly down rather than swishing it in the mouth.

Fruit Smoothies and Juices


No one says to abandon the intake of fruits as they are a vital source of nutrients and fiber. But the increase in the consumption of juices and smoothies by the population speedy weight loss and detox is deteriorating their dental health, resulting in tooth decay, enamel erosion and sensitivity. Natural sugars in fruits, fructose, can erode tooth enamel and cause tooth decay. It is a common source of cavities as it feeds the bacteria in the mouth.

It is better to drink fruit juices with a straw to prevent the damage or best to replace fruit smoothies with vegetable ones.

Natural Sugar

Too much intake of natural sugar can be injurious to gums. Diets which are rich in sugar may cause insulin levels to increase and suddenly fall, which in the long run might alter the structure of collagen, fibers that hold teeth in place, in the body and may harm the gums.

To limit the harmful effects, you must drink juices with a straw and wait for at least 30 minutes after eating or drinking to brush your teeth. It is also essential that you brush through to your gum line, to remove food and bacteria trapped between the gums.

High Protein / Low Carb

Following a high protein/low carb diet and cutting down calories both can result in bad breath. This is because chemicals known as ketones are released when you push your body in the fat-burning state of ketosis.

Good oral hygiene is important to combat bad breath as well as rather than completely cutting down carbs you can switch over to healthy ones like whole meal pasta whole meal bread to freshen up your breath.

Nutritional Shortfalls

Not only what you eat, but what you don’t eat may affect your dental health. Avoiding certain types of foods may lead to nutritional deficiencies, comprising calcium, iron and vitamins, which are all vital for healthy teeth and gums.

The best way is to take a balanced diet, two liters of water a day and good quality supplements to protect your teeth and gums.

May 10, 2017

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