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8 Million Brits Admit To Using Illegal Teeth Whitener


United Kingdom – Despite numerous reports detailing the side effects of illegal teeth whitening, the temptation to trust unqualified practitioners to create a gleaming white smile is still prevalent in the UK.

Recent research has found how one in four adults (24%) have undergone teeth whitening, with almost half (45%) using an illegal provider.

Research conducted by White Glo discovered 75% are unhappy with the colour of their teeth and with professional whitening costing up to £1,000, many are clearly looking for alternatives to achieve a perfect smile.

The good news is that with the increasing popularity of teeth whitening, there are more options than ever before and simply choosing the right formula can achieve similar results to those of a dentist.

Dr Georgio Sotriopoulos advises on how to safely whiten teeth at home, “Choosing the right at home whitening kit can be a challenge when there are so many options available. I’d recommend a peroxide free formula to remove yellowing on the surface of your tooth enamel without any abrasion. Combining this with a fluoride enriched whitening toothpaste will lighten discolouration caused by certain food and drinks. Any whitening kit with more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide should be avoided so damage is not done to the enamel.”

Considering this research, it is essential for consumers to be educated on how they can safely emulate their favourite celebrities white smile. The two best options are to visit a fully qualified dentist, or to avoid a hefty bill, use an approved at home whitening kit which has proven results and is back up with reviews.

One Facebook user from Glasgow explains her own horror story when she visited a local beautician’s home for a tooth whitening treatment. “I was there for just over an hour and every 10 to 15 minutes she would top up the gel on my teeth. No questions were asked such as my age, if I’d had whitening before or any allergy tests. The next morning, I woke up and my lips were stuck together and I looked like I’d been in a boxing ring. The woman said it was normal and that I should just put lipstick on and I would be fine. My whole mouth felt like it was on fire and I had about ten blisters. It was a lesson learnt and I urge anyone to opt for a peroxide free treatment instead.”

With the popularity of teeth whitening showing no signs of slowing down, instead of warning Brits away from the beauty phenomenon, it is time to educate the UK on how to safely achieve the results they so clearly desire and avoid any Halloween horror stories of their own.


October 26, 2017

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