“A Dentist’s Job Goes Beyond His/her Office”

Hamdard’s Dr Sania Asif delivers lecture at SZABIST

KARACHI – “We as humans believe that this world could be a better place to live if instead of dealing with problems we do not let them occur in the first place. A dentist’s job goes beyond his/her office. It is better to not let diseases occur in the first place rather than treating them later in the office.”

SZABIST held a symposium about Oral Health this month; at this event four doctors were invited from Hamdard University Dental Hospital: Dr. Sania Asif Khan, Dr. Usama Akhtar, Dr. Ahsan Saleem and Dr. Ali Imran Najmi. Oral HygienE01

Dr. Sania Asif Khan was the chief speaker and she talked about Oral Health and how to take care of one’s oral health. Her main emphasis was on smoking and its adverse effects on oral and general health. The audience listened to her with great interest and understood very well the adverse effects of smoking and how to quit or help someone quit smoking.  At the end there was an active question answer session as well.

These types of events should be held more often to raise awareness about oral health in general public so that people can be more aware and vigilant about things that are a great threat to our health.

January 5, 2018

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