“A Smile Is a Curve That Sets Everything Straight”



KARACHI – Smile is an expression that people use to express pleasure, sociability, happiness, joy and amusement. It enhances the beauty of one’s face and it is said that one is never dressed completely without a smile. It is a mode of spreading happiness in the world, thus to ensure that everybody maintains a beautiful smile on their face, the dental teams of Bahria Dental College under the umbrella of Community Support Program (CSP) and supervised by Dr. Kulsoom Fatima Rizvi Head of Community and Preventive Dentistry Department celebrated “Smile Day” with the primary grade students of Beacon House School System.

The CSP team was comprised of Dr. Raima Bashir and Dr. Nazish Zafar (senior Lecturers of the department) and Dr. Imrana Kanwal and Dr. Anum Hira (house officers). The objective of this visit was to educate the younger students to comprehend the significance of good oral health and maintenance of oral hygiene, which is the essence of a beautiful smile.

The session was divided into 2 parts. Firstly an interactive session was conducted for the children aged between 2.5 – 5 years, in which the importance of teeth and their oral hygiene was emphasized with the help of presentations. Videos regarding oral hygiene were also displayed to grasp students’ attention and keep them involved in the session. The kids were very interactive and showed great interest and involvement. After the session an oral checkup was also carried out to assess their oral health statuses. The results of the checkup were communicated to the parents and teachers, and children with good oral hygiene were appreciated and encouraged to maintain good dental hygiene practice in future.

The parents of the children were also viewing a live streaming of the whole activity in the waiting room, and they also applauded and praised the CSP team on the execution of a successful session.

The visit concluded with distribution of oral hygiene kits among the children. The BSS School Principal presented the CSP team at Bahria with a letter of appreciation and requested BUMDC to conduct similar sessions with their other classes as well. The CSP team of Bahria Dental College aims to continue spreading bright smiles amongst the community in the near future.

Written by:

Dr. Raima Bashir

December 6, 2017
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