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First Randomized Clinical Trial on “Periodontal Therapy and CHD Risk Markers” from Asia by Dr. SAH Bokhari & Dr. Ayyaz A Khan

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LAHORE- It is a matter of honour and pride that a research paper titled “Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy Reduces Coronary Heart Disease Risk Markers: A Randomized Controlled Trial” by Prof. Dr. SAH Bokhari, Prof. Dr. AA Khan and colleagues has been published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology (JCP2012;39) (Internationally first ranking journal of dentistry). Prof. M. Tonetti, Editor-in-Chief of J Clin Periodontol has declared this research work as a truly interesting piece of research.

Therefore this research has also been selected for presentation on ‘PubCast’ that is video link website (www.scivee.tv/) where the author/s of high quality research work are given chance to have a talk about their research.

Dr. Bokhari’s PubCast is available on this website (www.scivee.tv/node/53516 ) and has been viewed by 418 individuals within one months of upload. This clinical trial was funded by HEC and was conducted at Punjab institute of cardiology with the academic cooperation of Punjab University and Sheikh Zayed PGMI Lahore.

This is the first randomized trial from Asia in the field of Perio-CHD connections. The principal finding of this research is that treatment of periodontal disease reduces CHD risk by 12.5% in CHD patients who were at high risk despite having cardiac medications. workers `acts of terrorism’, the silence being maintained by heads of mainstream religious parties over the barbaric acts of murdering people associated with the polio eradication campaign was not only surprising but was also a matter to ponder upon.

They, however, applauded the statement of Maulana Raghib Hussain Naimi, who had reportedly said that protecting children from deformity and impairment was among the foremost religious responsibilities.

Lashing out at the suspected militants for attacking the people associated with anti-polio campaign, they said that, at a time when the polio virus existed only in just three countries of the world – Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria –, the need of the hour is that the leaders of all the religious parties and scholars must get united against all those whose nefarious designs are none other than making the country a land of lunatics and the crippled.

“All the heads of religious parties of the country and renowned scholars should unanimously and categorically condemn the barbaric acts of suspected militants who do not want that our children be protected from being crippled,” they suggested.

“In fact, the silence which most of the religious parties have been maintaining over the killings of polio workers is not only mind-boggling but beyond one’s comprehension,” they deplored.

Condemning the cruel acts of attacking anti-polio workers, especially those in the blossom of their lives, they made a passionate appeal to all the sections of the society to raise their voice and rise against the suspected militants’ acts of murderous frenzy against the innocent people associated with the task of eradicating polio.

Pakistan’s future in the comity of nations stands very bleak and we might become a cast away, outside the pale of decent people and as a result of which not only the country’s image will be tarnished but the donor agencies and World Health Organisation (WHO) might also withdraw their support to the anti-polio campaign and other welfare-oriented projects being carried out with their assistance.

January 17, 2013

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