A Visit for Tooth Extraction led to a Woman’s Death!


Hayley Drinkell, aged 49, recently died when she visited the dentist for tooth extraction. It has been deduced that the cause of death was blood poisoning. Her death took place 1 week after her visit to her dental care expert. Even though experts have confessed that it is difficult to directly connect dental extraction with the poisoning, they are pretty sure that the cause was infection caused by bacteria or vermin when the extraction took place.

Sources have confirmed that there were quite a few complications when the surgery took place. Dr. Martin Peters, the consultant pathologist who carried out the postmortem, exam explained that the woman had to be given a lot of injections. He also said that it was from that moment that she started getting unwell. Not only was vomiting too much, she also had bad cough and could not even ingest water.

Hayley used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day and was quite overweight for her age and height. On the day of the death she experienced shortness of breath and then suffered a heart attack when she was being taken to the hospital.

Dr Chadwick provided details of the condition of the patient when she arrived at the accident and emergency department and the emergency treatment she received. He said there had been difficulties taking blood samples from the patient, so surgeons were unable to diagnose her illness.

It has been concluded that Hayley died of septicemia but the cause and origin remain unknown. Hayley’s husband explained that she had suffered from deep vein thrombosis in 2013 but had recovered completely.

While taking to the press, he kept crying and explained how unexpected her death was, especially as she was in complete health. It was only after the tooth surgery that she had become unwell and had been prescribed antibiotics. He remembered how happy she had been and said, “She lived life to the fullest and loved her job and her garden”.

Perhaps this occurrence can be attributed to the invasion of toxic bacteria as a result of a dental infection.

A dental infection, within or below a tooth, can be caused by tooth decay or a broken tooth that causes the pulp to become infected. The pulp is the part of the tooth that contains blood vessels, connective tissue, and large nerves. When an infection occurs, bacteria can move out of the tooth to the bone or tissue below, forming a dental abscess. A dental infection can lead to sepsis.

Sometimes called blood poisoning by members of the general public, sepsis is the body’s often deadly response to infection or injury. Sepsis kills and disables millions and requires early suspicion and treatment for survival.

April 14, 2017

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