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Alvi clears the air about recent controversial remark

Karachi: President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi recently wrote an article titled ‘Fake news: A conundrum that demands serious discourse in Pakistan.’ The article was published in all major newspapers of Pakistan.

According to the article, the author stated that he recently visited the hospitals, the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases and the National Institute of Child Health. After his stroll in the hospital wards, a short interchange happened between the local media press. The exchanges though were misrepresented by the electronic media.

Alvi wrote in his letter that media portrayed as if “The President of Pakistan was totally unaware of the wheat crisis in the country, though my answer audibly was in specific response to, who was responsible for the crisis. Presented in this way, the news created a deep sense of surprise and resentment in a population suffering from inflation and poverty.”

“The fake angle was created in the morning but by the afternoon almost all channels were eliciting, ridiculing and insulting comments on the President’s callousness, being unaware of what is happening to the poor,” Dr Arif Alvi added.

Alvi highlighted that mainstream journalism should act responsibly and should “not become a mirror of irresponsible social media-like behaviour.” He urged the media persons to do fact checking and ensure that the news they deliver should be fair, unbiased and factual.

by Dr Muattar Hanif

January 27, 2020

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