Analysis of Dental Care Market 2017


Professional dental care is increasing rapidly, due to the rise in awareness as well as the spread of oral diseases. And since the demand is high, quite a few low value and subsidized practices have also opened up, which has made oral care affordable for most people. As it has also become common knowledge that degrading oral health leads to or is a sign of unfit general health, more and more people are becoming interested in taking care of their periodontal worries and visiting the dentist regularly.

It has also been seen that private dental clinics have emerged, specifically in advancing nations, which has allowed people from all walks of life to be able to afford dental procedures. What’s more, quite a few modern procedures like CAD/CAM technology and automated dentistry are on the rise, which allows the demand and supply to be met. Some of the potential dental care products include electric brushes, dental ancillaries and other kinds of denture products.

Recent Trends in Oral Care Market

In these days and times, the demand for dental care continues to rise. The reason why is based on the following 3 things;  rapid deterioration of teeth among children and adults alike, availability of funds to a growth in incomes and increased awareness about the importance of well-maintained dental hygiene.  The best part is that government institutions have become more vigilant about creating initiatives that would make accessibility of dental care easier for everyone, be it for people living in urban or rural areas. It has been predicted that the demand of proper dental care facilities will continue to increase, especially in the regions of North America and Europe.

What is even further interesting to note is that the demand for professional yet affordable dentistry is going to become even more persistent. This is because of the many new, easy and simple modern procedures that are being adopted when it comes to oral care. Another reason is that more and more people want to avail the facilities of cosmetic dentistry that doesn’t just cure dental issues but also enables them to look good.

What is the Potential of Dental Market?

With advancement in every field of life, dentistry is also seeing a lot of modernization. Automated processes are being adopted more and more. This shows that the market for digitized dentistry is on the rise. Two companies, exocad GmbH and Align Technology, Inc. went together in partnership to create a whole new system with their respective excad Chairside CAD software and iTero intraoral scanners. This is a major leap in technology for dentistry as it would allow quite a few changes in how various dental procedures are carried out like scanning, design and the production of dental prostheses.

It has been deduced that the combination of above mentioned technologies will give way to further advancement in the department of oral health and dentistry not only in terms of productivity but manufacturing flexibility as well. Dentists who use these software and hardware would be able to have more options to create unique designs and restoration processes.

A Look at the Regional Dental Care Market

Studies show that the main market for dental care is in the regions of Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. The reason for rise in demand in Europe is because of increasing old age population. Other reasons include the same as mentioned above.

The reasons for increase in dental care demand is a significant rise in periodontal diseases and dental tourism as well.

Analysis of Competitive Dental Care Market

As mentioned before, many leading medicine companies are becoming active in coming up with newer ways to fix dental issues. Some of the top bidders of the market include 3M, Colgate-Palmolive Company, Procter & Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline plc, Young Innovations, Inc., Koninklijke Philips N.V and Ultradent Products, Inc.


April 10, 2017

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