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Angry staff protest as gates of KMDC sealed

Karachi: Karachi Medical and Dental College (KMDC) closed the gate for its employees and staff recently.

The enraged staff protested the sealing of the main door by the city warden of KMDC.

One protestor told, “No reason has been given to us behind closing the college gate for us. No response is being given to the concerned authorities. Principal of the College is also not being allowed to enter.”

Speaking to Dental News exclusively, Prof. Dr Nasir Khan, Secretary General, Pakistan Dental Association (PDA) condemned the tensed situation. He also condemned the misbehaviour committed by male non technical staff to house officers in the OPD happened earlier.

He told that the gates of the premises were closed to avoid any mishap. He informed that the non technical staff was creating issues previously in work. The staff also closed off the OPDs and were non-compliant for quite some time.

He informed that the wages of the non-technical staff were categorically cleared and increased as well. Still, many of the employess created disturbance in the running of the hospital.

“Hence to ensure that no further damages happen, administration decided to close gates and make the running of the hospital smooth in times of COVID.”

The official statement by the administration of KMDC is not released at the time of reporting.

-DN Report

April 9, 2021

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