ARGD monthly session in collaboration with 3M ESPE


Karachi — Academy of Restorative and General Dentistry held its monthly session for the month of October 2012 at the Academy headquarters.
According to a press release, presenter of the session was the prominent Prosthodontist of the country, Dr. Faisal Aziz. The topic of his presentation was, ‘Endo V/S Implants ‘.

Following are few excerpts from the presentation.When considering the complex question of whether a tooth should be treated endodontically or extracted and replaced with an implant, there are many factors to consider. This Lecture highlights the importance and outcome of both. The presentation focused on allied surgical skills that the general practitioner should be aware of while placing the dental implants. The presentation covered management of extraction socket, bone graft and bone graft materials- focusing on what and when to use, with particular reference to materials that are currently available in the local Pakistan market. For example, for grafting which will act as a future implant site, allografts or autografts should be used as they are easier to drill through. However if augmentation is done at the time of implant placement, hydroxyapatite may be used as it is more resistant to resorption. Through this forum, the audience was made aware that ‘Periotomes’, used for atruamatic extraction technique’ and bone compacting osteotomes are now available in local market at a very reasonable price. The presentation was delivered in ‘easy to digest; style keeping in mind the non-surgical audience. Generally the audience thoroughly enjoyed the event.

Audience took and active part in the discussion. Dr Mumtaz Khan, Dr Saqib Rashid,  Dr Kashif Ikram, Dr. Yawar Ali Abidi, Dr. Sameer Quraseshi and Dr. Irfan Quraeshi  conrtibuted with their valuable suggestions.—PR

October 4, 2012

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