Blending of Art and Dentistry

I have always been particularly passionate about art and design. Though I am a professional dentist, but on certain instances, I introduced myself as “an artist whose hobby is dentistry.”

By Dr. Sandhiya Salim

The pursuance of dentistry was more of “an accidental migrant experience” for me. An experience that can easily establish sense of security in my line of work. To sum it all up, Dentistry has now become a medium to project my love for art and provide satiety to the artist within me.

A good dental practice involves a mix of professionalism, clinical skills, equipment and techniques to achieve the best outcomes. This is very similar to how an artist work its magic on canvas. An artist also requires skill, technique and various tools to create an art work. The way paint palette opens door of endless options for an artist, similarly clinical chair works for the dentist.

With each day passing by, new development in the field of cosmetic dentistry is taking place. The domain of cosmetic dentistry has become a synergy between consumer needs and scientific progress. Hence, the epitome of perfection in this field can only be attained by those who have the knowledge of art and dentistry. A key example to this amalgamation can been seen in lingual braces and three-dimensional optical scanning devices. The latest technologies can make accurate prosthesis which used to be done manually in the past. Thus, without compromising the artistic finesse, these advancements can easily replace the long hours of custom made dental products. The biggest trend we commonly witness nowadays is “instant smile makeover.”  This is done by acquiring a set of new teeth, thanks to all-on-4 implant technique. Thus, a perfect example of mixing art with dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry has now become a rage in modern world. But to acquire this craft, one needs to form a deep level of bonding to art. With perfect clinical skills, dental professionals can excel this dental branch. In short, only a dentist with an artistic approach, can easily fulfill the demands of patients. In short, it takes lot more than clinical skills to make a patient satisfied. So start thinking aesthetically!

January 18, 2020

3 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Blending of Art and Dentistry”

  1. Naushad Rajani says:

    Awesome…. never been thought like this way. You would be a pioneer of next era dental sciences

  2. Raheela says:

    Love the article.. the author describes the modern form of cosmetic dentistry and how it has now over the years have become a requirement of more or less anyone who would want a perfect smile, like herself

  3. Dr Zain says:

    Very well written. Keeps the reader going on to read till the end.

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