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Breaking Stereotypes; Emerging Young Dental Leaders! By Dr.Rukh-e-Zainab

By Dr.Rukh-e-Zainab

“The Price of greatness is responsibility”

Winston Churchill

A first of its kind, an intercollegiate BDS Luncheon titled as ABCD (Annual BDS Colleges Dine In) was held in Lahore on the 8th of April 2018 at the magnanimous location of Grand Royal Orchid Marquee.

Unparalleled in its theme, the Luncheon’s desideratum was to celebrate & nurture the diversity of the future young dental populace by providing them with a platform to discuss and contemplate varied significant topics & dilemmas faced by the dental community ranging from brain drain, comparison between foreign & local dental universities, nepotism to protests of doctors as a basic human right or an ethical dilemma etc.

The exclusivity of the luncheon was based on the fact that it was organized by galvanized efforts of a group of students from various dental institutes all across Punajb.The core organizing cabinet comprised of Dr.Rukh-e-Zainab from Multan Medical & Dental College as the chief organizer with Muhammad Rehan Malik as co-chief organizer representing Nishter Institute Of Dentistry Multan ,Khizar Mannan from Akhtar Saeed Medical & Dental College Lahore ,Waqar Nawaz representing University Of Lahore & Waleed Khalid from Fatima Memorial College Of Medicine & dentistry.

It was an event that emphasized on the need to share robust ideas to convince the attendees that there is much value in one’s outlook & perspective that can impact the dental world.


This was achieved by the presence of prominent dental figures as the keynote speakers such as Dr.Irfan Qureshi from Karachi whose achievements are unequaled in the field of implantology & who is referred to as the titan of Pakisatni Dental Community. Apart from being catered to as the face of Pakistani dental community internationally, his contribution in disseminating education both nationally & internationally is instrumental. This was demonstrated by his generous presence at such a platform to encourage the youth. He spun magic with his words onto the audience.

Dr.Qureshi was joined by Dr.Omer Farooque & Dr.Zahra Masood from Pakistani Academy of Advanced Dentistry who were true advocates of learning & perseverance along with Dr.Khurram Nadeem from Faryal Dental & Medical College & the very talented Dr.Salima Naveed Manji from Fatima Memorial College of Medicine & dentistry.


The highlights of this luncheon included the media team of Dental News photographing the guests in front of a glamorous media wall patroned by Dental News itself & video graphing the interactive sessions termed as Dental Talkies, a dental exhibit by Traingelz dental retail company, a career counseling kiosk & an on spot counselor from Aspire education Consultants; a leading name in the field of education consultancy who open up horizons of opportunities to embellish academic careers, augmented by music pulsating from boom boxes during the open mic sessions of the students which was eventuated by a scrumptious lunch.

Team ABCD described it as a catalyst for change which was affirmed by the tremendous outpouring of pupils from every cross section of the dental community. The response exceeded the expectations of the team.

Patronage of Dental News of this luncheon once again evidented that Dental News is not just the true representation but also a fortifying entity working towards the betterment of the dental community. The only pitfall was the attendees arriving late at the venue rather than on the mentioned time. The afternoon was summed up by a closing ceremony presenting souvenirs to the guests, certifying the attendees & the sponsors.

April 24, 2018

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