By who's permission did you take our teacher?

KMDC Professor Dr. Javed Kazi killed.

KMDC Professor Dr. Javed Kazi killed.

This is not the news you want to see displayed on the top of your facebook page. A post by a senior faculty member of KMDC dropped the bomb that Professor Javed Qazi has been brutally murdered right outside of the college gates which he passed every day for the past 15 years. Although I had not seen him after 2003 when I was the class representative and student of pathology under him, it was a shock to me. And may be the shock is more due to the fact that this personality was one of the most upright in their dedication to the medical profession.

I remember as the class representative I would go and submit the attendance sheet directly to him. Javed Qazi or JK as KMDC called him, ran his department like a tight ship. It is no wonder that he rose the ranks and became one of the most authoritative figures in knowledge of pathology in Pakistan. His ability to read his students was astounding. Once I submitted the attendance without checking. One glance and he said you have added two proxys to this sheet. I was flabbergasted and told him I had not. He then said send these three girls to me. Those were the three girls who had placed the proxy. For the rest of the year, I was considered a snitch for telling JK about them.

Then when the final exams approached and revision exams were being held, JK put up a date which was very difficult for us. I remember me being a hothead having an intense argument with him for the class. After the argument, I realized what a grave mistake I had made taking on an HOD. I went to his room very scared and meek and apologized. Rather than admonishing me about rules of respecting teachers, he laughed it off. I went back thinking he will definitely fail me. But as the finals approached I realized that he not only gave me a fair chance, he also gave me grades I deserved.

Such was JK, a very fair man. He was fair with his work, his people, his department, and his students. He was only busy in his work. He would go into his office, continue working until it was time for class, give an intense lecture, then go back into his room to work some more.

This is perhaps the reason why he was killed. He was fair, he was honest, he was dedicatedly serving the students and he was changing and evolving the field of pathology. But my question to the killers is, who gave you the right to kill our teacher? He was part of my fond memories of college days, where life was not as tough as it is now. Where your teachers were your second parents. Where you had someone watching over you in the college premises. We wanted to see Javed Qazi forever, growing old and frail and distinguished as he did but still fired up with the passion to work and teach. Now where do we place those memories. In KMDC where we genuinely respect our teachers and faculty, we hold close to each other at all times, good or bad. This news has broken many hearts as it did mine. Was it necessary? And what about his children? Who will explain the terrible loss and sense of insecurity that they have suddenly ventured out to.

They put him to rest on the very same day at a seven hours difference. A chapter closed, a legacy cut off. A void created with no consolation. I tossed and turned all night as many others have on the night when he was sent to his final resting place. May we find peace. His family is not the only one who lost a family member. We at KMDC lost one of our fathers. Rest in peace Dr. Javed Qazi, JK.

February 18, 2014

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