Cocofloss – a coconut-flavored dental floss invented!

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Flossing is a part of regular oral hygiene maintenance that most people in Pakistan don’t even bother with. How about if someone was able to bring some color and flavor to this tedious routine? Chrystle and Cat Cu, hailing from San Francisco are dentist-artist sisters who had to deal with patients, young and old alike who typically hated the flossing part.

This was when they decided to come up with something more colorful and flavorful to make flossing more interesting. They came up with a floss that was waxed with coconut oil and delicious flavors like coconut, cara cara orange and strawberries and cream. Not only does the floss look, taste and feel interesting, it also does the flossing well. The thread is of a high quality which ensures that no tear occur even if the flossing person is fighting with it. Grip of the thread as well as its movability is amazing. It is like a loofah for your teeth and gums.

Even though the flossing thread is not as smooth as that of Oral-B Glide, it still ensures a silky transaction between the teeth and the thread. Unlike some other flosses, the flavors in Cocofloss are subtle enough to seem like scents instead of actual flavors that you can taste. The packing is such that you will know exactly how much of the 32 yard thread is left all the time. It comes in a transparent plastic case. Rest assured your precious gums will not be bloodied with the use of this cute floss.

So what was once a boring yet mandatory ritual of flossing, is now going to become a fun activity for the entire family. Cocofloss can be purchased from Amazon.

April 15, 2017

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