Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Launch report‏


Colgate successfully launched their new product – Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, through a television show aired on ARY DIGITAL TV channel recently. DR MARIUM AZFAR is currently working as a Head of department – Community Dentistry at Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences for Girls. She was invited as a guest speaker on the show, to discuss various serious tooth sensivity problems. She gave her opinion on the indication of Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief which offers a unique pro-argin technology.

Dr. Marium stated that Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief has proved to help in instant relief from tooth sensitivity, while allowing you to continue enjoying your favorite food and beverages. She talked about the importance of dental hygiene and how the newly launched Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief is good for sensitive teeth if applied locally for 1 minute.

Dr Marium has conducted numerous oral health projects along with Colgate, on the digital media as well as School Health Awareness Programmes and Community Campaigns. She has testified that; Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief was developed primarily to offer instant relief and  regular brushing with this product would help to build a lasting protective barrier on the teeth, that can act like a seal against sensitivity.

January 28, 2014

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