Comprehensive Dental Implant workshop by Dr Noor Ul Wahab


KARACHI– A well known maxillofacial surgeon and implantologist Dr Noor ul Wahab, Head, Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Implantology, Ziauddin Dental College, successfully completed a six-month implant course on ‘Comprehensive Dental Implant’ recently. The course provided information and skills necessary to incorporate implants into daily practice. The course included lectures, video demonstrations, practicals on models and also clinical observation, the course participants learnt the necessary level of confidence and comfort using and working with implant system, and meeting the needs of either the experienced specialists or those wishing to incorporate implants into their daily practice and also the recently graduated general practitioner.

The Comprehensive Dental Implant course comprised six sessions and each session was of a 2-day duration and conducted every month and 16 participants of the course learnt about the benefits of the locking taper implant-abutment connection and basic surgical and restorative techniques.

Session 1: Dr Kashif Naqvi was the invited speaker on the occasion to share his experience in the field of dental implants. Dr Kashif Naqvi gave comprehensive lecture, demonstrations, and hands-on demonstration of implant selection, diagnostic setup, surgical stent, construction and ridge mapping.

Session 2: Invited speaker Dr Navid Rashid on his lecture shared his views on ridge expansion techniques and also agve live demonstration on techniques as to placing implant in an extraction socket, and also ridge expansion techniques. Placement of implants in extraction sockets was performed on models by the participants under direct supervision of Dr Noor-ul-Wahab.


Session 3– Dr. Noor ul Wahab gave an opportunity to all the participants towards placing live implant to the patient. He himself supervised each participant making sure that they were following the protocols properly. Patients were arranged by the management, and no extra money was charged from the participants nor from the patients. A comprehensive hands-on session was also carried out, where participants performed sinus lift techniques on specially designed artificial models resembling the maxillary arch and egg shells.

Session 4- The 4th session of the ‘Comprehensive Dental Implant’ related to the ‘Guided Tissue Regeneration’ comprising comprehensive lectures and the hands-on sessions on models by Dr Noor-ul-Wahab himself and students learnt about membrane and bone graft placement.

Session 5– Dr Haroon Rasheed Baloch, Head of the Department of Prosthodontics at Ziauddin College of Dentistry, was a guest speaker in session 5. In-depth lectures were given by him as to the prosthetics related to dental implants. He as well as Dr Noor-ul-Wahab conducted a detailed hands-on regarding different impression technique for dental implants. Dr Sarwat Memon also gave lectures on the orthodontic aspects of dental implants.

Session 6– Dr Nadeem Pasha was the guest speaker in last session of the 6-month dental implant course, conducted at Ziauddin Dental College in the last month. Dr Pasha flew all the way from Lahore and shared his experience in dental implant field with the participants. Dr Pasha in his lecture shared his knowledge about the periodontal aspects relating to dental implants.

It was an inspiration to all the participants. Hands on session on goat heads was done jointly by him and Dr Noor ul Wahab, and participants were made to learn how to raise partial thickness flaps and techniques to harvest connective tissue grafts for the esthetic zone.

January 12, 2015

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