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‘Coronavirus can transmit through infected blood’

KARACHI: Secretary of the Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority (SBTA), Dr Durre Naz Jamal Kazi, said that the coronavirus could be transmitted via the infected blood of a patient to a healthy person.

She said that one such case had been reported in a foreign country, and she urged public and healthcare workers to avoid taking blood from any such suspected or positive case of the COVID-19. She said blood donations should only be accepted from healthy persons through registered blood banks.

She informed that the SBTA displayed lists of registered blood banks in the premises of major hospitals of the province, and people who require blood should check the list first. She said that the SBTA has also issued instructions to registered blood banks to put this certificate at a very prominent place in the facility. 

She said a healthy person could donate blood once in three months. “If not more regularly, everyone should at least donate blood on his or her birthday as a gift to the nation. One blood bag can save three lives,” noted Dr Durre Naz.

-DN Report

March 24, 2020

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