Coronavirus Vaccine: Is it worth the hype?

COVID-19 virus has spread around the world and everyone is living in fear. There is nothing which can counter coronavirus at this moment. Scientists are working their best on developing a Coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible.

By Suhaib Ahsan

Vaccines are complex to make

Vaccines work by assisting the immune system to make antibodies which can fight against pathogenic bacteria’s and viruses. In simple words they prepare the body to fight disease by making strong immune system.

Vaccines Needs To Be Trialed First

Many medical companies and research laboratories are working to make its vaccine. Some of them have even reached to animal testing phase and if they are successful in trials. They will move to Phase-1.

There are 3 phases in methodology:

  • Testing on a small group of healthy adults
  • Testing on a large groups make sure there are no side effects
  • Testing on a thousands of people in area where virus has spread 2

When to expect a Vaccine?

Although researchers are working at their full capacity. But, based on their previous knowledge and experience it can be seen that vaccine takes time to develop. Same is the case for Coronavirus vaccine it might take 12-18 months. 

Will it protect all age groups?

It will, but it might not be that successful in older people because they don’t have good immunization response.

Vaccine Availability

If a vaccine is developed there will be lot of issues with logistics work and there might be limited supply, at least in the early stages so it will be important to prioritize the distribution. And it will be quite difficult to make it available in every medical store. As there are many other issues as well such as transportation, trained staff and storage of medicine.

Any Alternate To Vaccine?

Until a vaccine becomes available, if you are infected by Coronavirus, then try to protect themselves and others through self-isolation. Moreover, medicines that controls flu and healthy diet which helps making strong immune system can help fighting coronavirus.

April 6, 2020

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