Cure Bad Breath Problems for Good

Do you struggle with bad breath? It’s alright to admit, as more people experience bad breath problems than you may think. There are many who claim that despite brushing their teeth up to 3 times a day, they are simply unable to keep bad breath at bay, and usually end up feeling embarrassed at social occasions as a result. Many toothpastes promising fresh breath that will last all day, seem to fail for some people who just can’t get rid of their bad breath.

The problem is, that brushing teeth is not the secret behind keeping your breath fresh all the day long. The secret is treating your tongue to a fresh breath fix.

When it comes to bad breath, experts agree the tongue can often be the culprit.

Dentists recommend tongue scraping as part of a regular oral care routine. The surface of the tongue has tiny grooves where bacteria and plaque can accumulate. Removing the bacteria and debris on the tongue is one of the simplest ways to ensure fresh breath and a healthy mouth. Everyone, from children to older people, should incorporate it into their daily oral hygiene.

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Ideally use a tool specially designed for the job such as a Tongue Cleaner or Tongue Scraper should be used. However, such items are hard to find in retail stores in Pakistan. Therefore alternatively, you can also use your toothbrush or a metal teaspoon turned upside down. Both these options are better than not cleaning your tongue at all.

The way to properly clean your tongue for all day fresh breath is this:

  1. Start as far back as you can without gagging and gently scrape the tongue’s surface.
  2. Don’t use much pressure. It shouldn’t be painful or cause injury.
  3. Rinse the tool after each swipe and then gargle, using water or an alcohol-free mouthwash.

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In some cultures, cleaning the tongue has been a tradition since ancient times. For centuries, Indian Ayurvedic medicine has recommended daily scraping for mental, physical and spiritual well-being. More recently research has shown that cleaning the tongue improves breath odour and the sense of taste.

Brushing correctly, flossing in-between the teeth and cleaning the tongue are the cornerstones of effective oral care. If plaque and food debris are not properly removed from the various parts of the mouth they break down and release foul-smelling gases, irritate the gums and potentially cause disease.

This issue highlights the consequences of neglecting the remaining oral cavity including gums and especially the tongue while brushing the teeth. Gentle cleaning of the entire oral cavity is necessary for clean, gleaming teeth, and fresh, pleasant breath.

January 26, 2018

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