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KARACHI-A Dental Care and Management Conference recently held in Karachi organised by Pfizer Pak Ltd. Chairperson of the conference was Dr. Mohsin Girach , the principal of Jinnah Dental College and other speakers Dr. Naveed Rashid,  principal Liaquat college of medicine and dentistry(LCMD), topic: “tips for Dental practitioners”, Dr Kashif Ikram (principal Baqai Dental College), topic: “save the alveolar bone”.

Dr. Aizaz Khan was the moderator of this Conference who held this session and raised his concerns against quackery. He said : “These people are doing non professional job in their clinics, no sterilization and not having any  knowledge about proper medication. As a result patients suffer from various complications and then they come to our clinics for solutions.”

There were more than 200 Senior Dental Practionners of Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas and Quetta in this event.

Dr. Naveed Rashid gave very important tips regarding surgery and other procedures to control the bleeding, (specially for the cardiac patients using anti- coaggulant tablets), for better applications and proper management in clinic.

Dr. Kashif ikram also delivered his lecture on “save the alveolar bone in surgery”. he said: “if we lose the maximum bone in any oral surgery, it will be very difficult to hold the teeth for patients. We have to be very careful to do any dental procedure wtih proper medication, according to the patients’ condition.”

At the end of this event, Chairperson Dr. Mohsin Girach gave vote of thanks to the PFIZER COMPANY and all the participants.

Lastly, The organisers presented “shield of honour” to, both the speakers, chairperson, and the moderator of this Dental Care and Management Conference.- PR

January 20, 2013

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