Dental Congress at Bhurban

Bhurban Dental

Dental Experts share vital knowledge at Bhurban

An insightful Dental Congress was held at Bhurban recently, which featured well-known speakers from all over Pakistan along with many senior dental surgeons of the country attending the event, namely: Dr. Ghani, Dr. Subuhi, Dr. Jahangir Abbas, Dr. Aizaz Khan, Dr. Qamar, Dr. Feroz, Dr. Ahmed Bari, Dr. Jangda, Dr. Chauhaan, Dr. Tasleem Mervyn and many others.

The learned speakers gave very interesting lectures on numerous topics relating to modern dentistry, including; Prof. Dr. Mervyn Hosein’s discussion on “Maxillofacial Surgery” highlighting the Role of analgesia in dental procedures. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Saeed briefed the participants on “Oroantral Fistula” while discussing the importance of OAF in dental procedures.

Other lectures included Prof. Dr. M Azhar Shaikh speaking on “Surgical Endodontics in Dentistry, Prof. Dr. Nazia Yazdanie lecturing on “Prosthodontists related with dental surgery. Prof. Dr. Amjad Mehmood gave a very informative lecture on “Orthodontic treatment at different ages”, highlighting the development of periodontal ligaments. Towards the end of the forum, a vote of thanks was given by Dr. Aizaz Khan on behalf of all participants and Mr. Aslam Khan – Marketing Manager of Pfizer Pakistan.

May 28, 2014

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