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Dental News Expert Symposium’19- Basics of Using Composites to Create Natural Smile

Karachi- This year Dental News organized its Dental News Expert Symposium (DNES) at the Royal Rodale Club in Karachi, on July 13th. The theme for the symposium was “Basics of Using Composites to Create Natural Smile.”

Renowned dentists in restorative dentistry participated as speakers in the event, including Prof Arshad Hasan, who is the principal of Dow Dental College and Head of the Operatives Department; Dr Haroon Shah, a certified Style Italiano Trainer and Asst. Professor at Liaquat National Hospital; and Dr Urooj Mumtaz Khan.

The symposium commenced with recitation from the Holy Quran, which was followed by the welcome address delivered by Dr Basim Munir, organizing member of DNES’19.

Dr Haroon Shah opened the scientific session with a presentation on “Basics of Using Right Composite in the Right Place”. He kept the participants gripped as he spoke on the various common mistakes dentists made while restoring teeth with composite. Dr Shah also shared tips, tricks, and elaborate advice on how to achieve a beautiful yet natural smile with composites. After concluding his presentation, Dr Shah took several questions from the participants, answering them with depth and detail.

Dr Shah’s session was followed by a brief tea break for which the participants were escorted to the hi-tea buffet.

The second speaker for the day was Dr Urooj Mumtaz Khan; she spoke on the topic “Give Life to Your Restoration”. Dr Mumtaz kept the participants’ interest piqued by using interesting analogies to illustrate the significance of a perfect composite restoration. She explained how a perfect restoration was not about recreating a perfect tooth, instead it was about perfectly mimicking the neighbouring natural tooth. Dr Mumtaz with the help of her presentation educated the audience on how to achieve the most natural results, and what instruments could prove to be the best of friends in doing so. She shared several real-life pictures of the cases that she had done in her clinic. Dr Mumtaz’s session concluded with an alive question & answer session.

The third session was delivered by Prof Arshad Hassan, whose presentation was titled “Let’s get Serious about Composites.” His lecture encompassed the use of basic techniques and materials to the modern cutting-edge ones. The participants thoroughly enjoyed Prof Hasan’s extensive lecture on composites, their uses, and the techniques and instruments required to build a perfect restoration. With Prof. Hasan’s unique teaching style and sense of humour, his lecture transformed into an interactive session, which was immensely appreciated by all the participants that were able to get responses to all their queries in a more effectual manner.

To bring something new and exciting for DNES’19 participants, Dental News collaborated with Aspire Educational Consulting (AEC). Mr Arsalan Ahmen Sheikh from AEC delivered a brief lecture, and took queries, on ‘Education Abroad’ for dentists aspiring to pursue higher education from foreign universities.

At the concluding ceremony, Dr Naheed Najmi, Vice Principal Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry, distributed shields among the esteemed speakers. Dr Basim Munir presented a token of appreciation and thanks to all those that participated and contributed to the success of the symposium.

Later, the participants were directed to the adjoining hall for lunch buffet.

A corresponding DNES Hands-on Workshop will be conducted on August 25th.

July 15, 2019

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