Dental News goes international: An year if International exposure and acclaim

Dental News serves mass healthcare audience.

Dental News serves mass healthcare audience.

The year 2013 became a milestone for Dental News Pakistan in many ways. The year has brought much glory and prestige to the organization, keeping it aligned to its mission to bring the most authentic up to date and convenient source of information for Pakistani dentists locally and living abroad.

Dental News was able to attain its biggest following in years, attracting both local and internatioanal dental entities to the platform. Dental News officially launched its website with an attractive interface, allowing more dental surgeons a platform to discuss ideas, issues and happenings in the dental community. Through its website, Dental News, Dental Tribune Pakistan and Medical News are now catering to cumulative 100,000 customers, excluding its routine newsletter distribution.

The periodical was able to attract new writers, website developers, opinion leaders, professors and dental surgeons in its panel of experts. This led to further enhancement of image of the periodical, with a broader perspective coming in from all corners of Pakistan pertaining to dentistry.

Dental News secured the honor of becoming an official partner for the first online international MSc in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry from Smile-On UK, and a succesful mediator for admissions of students to the program.

Dental News also has procured rights for the first international dental publication of Pakistan. It is now the official partner for Dental Tribune International, circulated in over 97 countries and the biggest dental newspaper in the world.

Dental News was able to uphold its tradition of providing factual unbiased and critical overview and coverage of events taking place in the Pakistani dental world. It was able to highlight the needs for innovation in the continuing dental education, and the need for constant evaluation by all sectors of the dental community.

Dental News also took a staunch stand against the recent kidnappings and violence against the medical and dental community of Pakistan, successfully bringing the issue to light to the higher governmental authorities. Many new law ammendments and directives are as a direct result of Dental News constantly highlighting and emphasizing the rights of doctors and dental surgeons alike.

Dental News was at the forefront to highlight wrong and illegal practices taking place in the healthcare sector of Pakistan, increasing awareness among the medical community and moving the leaders into action against the health crimes being committed.

Dental News also took an active stand this year on the issues and challenges faced by the dental student body of Pakistan, the need for international recognition of our dental programs, merit based education and injustices pertaining to rising college fees.

Dental News aims to continue its commitment to its readers in the coming year to bring more international exposure to the community, providing a communication medium for Pakistan to the internatioanal dental market and contribute towards improvement of dental standards in Pakistan. It has ensured promotion of its dental heroes and innovators who are ushering in new technology and methodology to improve the quality of dental practice.

We wish all our readers a happy and prosperous new years and urge them to follow the ethical and moral standards of healthcare delivery in all aspects.

Dental News Team

January 15, 2014

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