Dentis Umbrella Concept 2017


KARACHI – A unique dental program was recently organized in Karachi that saw the aggregation of numerous internationally renowned dentists from around the world in Avari Towers. The Dentis Umbrella Concept was introduced and organized by Biocare Technologies, in association with Divas in Dentistry, an international platform for empowering female dentists, and WAUPS, the World Academy of Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Bone Surgery.

24174474_1711870028865648_7794623256326326607_nThe two-day program involved a series of lectures and hands-on workshops conducted by prominent dental surgeons from around the world, including from India, Nepal, Venezuela, Croatia and Colombia, with the discussions revolving around the latest dental surgical procedures, techniques, and technologies. The Dentis Umbrella Concept’s lectures and hands-on demonstrations were focused on the following dental procedures: Partial Extraction Therapy, Gum Drop Technique, V-Y Bernotti Flap Technique, Soft Tissue Management in an Aesthetic Zone, Hydrodynamic Piezoelectric Internal Sinus Elevation (Protocols, HPISE), Autologous Tooth Block & Particulate Bone Graft (VacuaSonic System), and other new techniques (L-PRF A-PRF I-PRF CTG CGF).

24231954_1711763278876323_8606720316533828325_nThe session was initiated by Tilawat from the Holy Quran and rendition of the National Anthem of Pakistan. Dentis Event Organizer Amir Ejaz then gave the inaugural speech in which he offered a vote of thanks to the international guests, the organizing team as well as the participants of the event.

The scientific program was kicked off with the first lecture which was by Dr Snjezana Pohl, an implantologist from Croatia. In her talk on Smile Aesthetics in Implantology, she discussed consideration of facial aesthetics during implant procedures, and went over several techniques such as partial extraction therapy, socket-shield therapy and root submergence therapy.

The first lecture was followed by a second illuminating talk by Dr Rita Singh, an implantologist from Nepal. In her talk, she discussed Implants in the Aesthetic Zone. Dr Rita Singh conferred upon patients’ aesthetic expectations, 3D positioning of implant and alternate replacement materials for less affording patients because all patients deserve an aesthetic smile.


After Dr. Rita’s talk, the next lecture was by Dr Julio Capella, a prominent prosthodontist from Colombia. Dr Julio’s talk was centered on New Horizons in Rehabilitation of Severely Atrophic Maxilla using Piezoelectric Surgery. Dr Julio talked about HPISE techniques, piezoelectric devices, and several successful, safe and minimally invasive procedures for rehabilitating atrophic maxilla.


The next lecture was by Dr Ana Louisa Bernotti, periodontist and implantologist from Venezuela. Her talk, titled “Follow the Pink”, was based on periodontal procedures. She introduced the audience to the “Bernotti” flap, and discussed several important periodontal techniques including the “Y” suture, intrasulcular approach, and mechanical and chemical root conditioning.

This lecture was then followed by a talk by Dr Ashwini Bhalerao, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon from India. Her lecture was about sinus-related dental surgeries and invasive procedures that involved treating chronic sinusitis, including the “window design”, PRF, lateral sinus lift, and careful placement of implants in regions with sinus-related problems.


The first day’s lectures were followed up by a lecture and hands-on demonstration by Dr Alberto Miselli, an implantologist from Venezuela, and talks by Dr Abdusalam Alrmali, Dr Jin Kim, and Dr Mohssine.


The second day of the session proceeded with second lectures by Dr Jin Kim, Dr Julio Capella, Dr Rita Singh, Dr Ashwini Bhalerao, Dr Alberto Miselli, Dr Snjezana Pohl and Dr Ana Luisa Bernotti. There were also two more hands-on demonstrations by Dr Mohssine and Dr Abdusalam Alrmali.


The program was an intellectually inspiring, informative and enjoyable experience for all the participants and the efforts of Biocare Technologies to organize such an internationally connecting event were greatly appreciated by all. The foreign guest speakers were thankful for the opportunity to meet dentists from around the globe and to broaden their clinical horizons and form connections with Pakistani dental professionals. All participants of the program expressed the hope for similar events to be regularly conducted in Pakistan for the benefit of all members of the global dental community.  

December 13, 2017

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