Dentistry Comes to a Halt


Karachi – Dentistry has come to a complete halt in the business hub of Pakistan. This is because of the recent political developments, where Mr Altaf Hussain, the Leader of the MQM, was arrested in London yesterday. Reports say that Mr Hussain has is being questioned on Money Laundering charges.

Speaking to Dental News, several Dental Traders expressed deep concerns over such a sudden halt in business; ‘everything gets disturbed, our supplies, our payments – our business essentially’ said one of the leading dental traders. While speaking to our staff reporter in Lahore a dental supplier said, ‘Karachi is my source for dental materials, if Karachi is closed – we are closed here in Lahore’. The traders also said that the Pakistan economy cannot afford such closures, and that the government must take steps to ensure that the city is back in business by tomorrow.

The dentists have also expressed concerns over the situation. One of Pakistan’s leading implantologists, while speaking to Dental News, said that he had to cancel several appointments yesterday, and has had to close down his clinic today; he also said that he had to travel for an international conference tomorrow, but know he cannot understand how will he manage the patient back log and the travel.

The dental students on the other hand seemed jubilant on the situation; ‘we needed a break, and here we have a good one’ said a third year BDS student from Karachi.

June 4, 2014

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