Dentists can remove wrinkles


Dentists can remove facial wrinkles?
Over the next decade, dental procedures, surgery and technologies will be helping you in more ways than you can ever imagine. According to some international dental experts, the possible expansions in the scope and services of a dental practitioner will encompass:

  1. Facial Beauty Treatments: People may presume that a dentist spends most of his time examining teeth and putting in dental fillings along with an occasional extraction. However, the future of dentistry will soon venture into the beauty business.
    Restoration of beautiful smiles, Implant tooth replacements, teeth-whitening procedures and cosmetic straightening treatments are already contributing towards enhancing the facial beauty of patients
    Ten years down the road the dental clinics will offer the best beauty treatments, as scientists are already making advancements in using stem cells to grow new teeth, which can replace broken or asymmetrical teeth. An increasing number of dentists today are equipped with CAD/CAM machines, to scan and restructure the oral and facial appearance, while filling the cavities with color-matching composites or resins.
  2. Reducing & removing wrinkles: Following the evolving trends of dentistry in the developed world, people around the globe will soon be visiting their dentists to improve their smiles and groom their personalities. A brighter, more symmetrical smile considerably enhances the overall facial appearance and adds to the confidence of a person.
    Although the process of aging is unstoppable and each passing year is bound to reduce the freshness and beauty of an adult’s skin. Aging leads to loss of volume around the face and sagging of the facial skin. Dentists can inject fillers and give medication to enhance plumpness and texture of the skin. Many a dentists are also offering Laser treatments for tightening and rejuvenating the facial skin, along with other cosmetic therapies. Improving dental symmetry also reduces the facial wrinkles.
  3. Healty bodies & stronger Immunity: The overall health of a person can be clearly linked to the Gum diseases he suffers from. In some cases, scientific research has even associated heart attacks with oral diseases. However, no one heads towards a dental clinic to get his overall health screened.
    Some new American researchers have revealed that the presence of biomarkers in a person’s saliva can enable the dentist to diagnose many serious illnesses. So, we can foresee that soon the dentists will become primary consultants, for the health conscious people who need to foresee what diseases they are prone to. So the dentist can make the best evaluation of our overall health. Once your dentist has indicated any impending disease, you may then head towards the specialist of that particular disease.
  4. Moving away from the dental drill: Modern dentistry is moving away from the traditional drilling of the teeth, as it is adopting more innovative and practical alternatives to avoid the dental drill.
    One of the new alternatives, is the application of ozone gas to the infected tooth. Ozone kills the germs infecting the tooth, whereby there is no need to carve or cut the infected tooth. Another new technology is the photo-active disinfection, which enables the dentist to impregnate the bacterial wall, by applying a dye and then the bacteria is literally blown up by exposing the dye to the energy produced by a laser beam.
May 26, 2014

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